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Recruiting Automation Roundup

Recruiters aren’t the only ones benefiting from in influx of AI and automation technologies helping business run better. Because AI is making workflows more streamlined for recruiters, candidates will also start to reap the benefits of recruiting automation.

From better email outreach to the reduction of unconscious bias, AI is changing the candidate experience for the better.

3 Reasons Why Recruiting Automation is Good for Recruiters

As AI changes everything from how we drive to what we watch and even how we turn the lights on when we get home from a long day -- it’s also changing the way we work. Sales and marketing teams have been onto the secret of AI for years, augmenting their workflows with automation which allows them to scale their efforts to achieve loftier goals and produce a higher quality of work than ever before. Now, with the emergence of recruiting automation, the time has come for recruiters to experience this same revolution.

Recruiting Email Templates: Follow Up

Your first outreach email was perfection, but you’re not hearing back. Now what?

In a landscape where jobs are finding people rather than people finding jobs, your initial outreach can get buried under messages from other recruiters. The best way to ensure you capture the attention of candidates is to send a follow up email. In fact, recruiters who use follow ups receive 50% more responses overall than those who don’t. So contrary to popular belief, you do have more than one chance to make a good first impression.

Recruiting Automation Roundup

This week’s roundup is perfectly summed up by our first featured headline, “Welcome to the age of Recruiting Automation.” Marketing and sales roles have benefitted and grown because of the adoption of automation tools. The time for recruiting to join the ranks of people using AI to make their work more efficient, streamlined and meaningful. Catch-up on all the recruiting automation news this week.  

Will HR Tech Replace the HR Profession?

Originally published on the Sapling blog.  

Do you sometimes wonder if your job as a human resource professional will become obsolete because of HR technology?  This is a common concern, but it’s hard to imagine a world where humans will no longer be needed to manage the very human aspects of their organizations.
Recently, the World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Group released a joint report that shared a glimpse into what the future workplace may be like. The report concluded that by the year 2026, as many as 1 million Americans will find their occupations have disappeared. Administrative and production jobs top the list of the most rapidly vanishing jobs. Those who are impacted will be forced to re-skill in order to stay marketable in a technology-driven workplace.

Improve Candidate Engagement with AI & Automation

The hiring tables have turned. We are now in the era of jobs finding people rather than people finding jobs. With unemployment at a 17 year low, top candidates find themselves bombarded with emails, calls and direct messages all offering them new opportunities. When passive candidates have so much opportunity when it comes to their next job, recruiters are put in a position to entice candidates to their open roles and away from the next shiny thing to enter their inbox.