Podcast: Could D&I Be The Missing Link with Stacia Garr

How can you use technology to bolster your D&I efforts? Stacia Garr’s report, “Diversity and Inclusion Technology: Could This be the Missing Link?” can help you make sense of the offerings on the market today, which actually move the needle, and what you need to know to select the right solution. Our CMO Mike Trigg sat down with Stacia to discuss her research it’s impact on the way companies hire in the post #MeToo landscape.

Recruiting Automation Roundup: HR Technology Edition

This week, Entelo took Las Vegas to participate in one of the largest events in the industry, The Human Resource Executive, HR Technology Conference. This legendary event brings together leaders in the industry to share actionable advice and perspectives on the ever-changing HR and recruiting space. Attendees have the chance to learn from the best, network with one another and comparison shop for the most advanced technology, over the course of three days all under one roof. This week’s roundup is dedicated to getting you up to speed on what everyone was talking about at HR Tech this year.

Podcast: From Buzzwords to Best Practices: HR Tech 2018 with Sarah Brennan

#HRTechConf is well underway. The expo hall is buzzing, 80 new products are launching and speakers are sharing great insights that attendees can’t wait to share with their teams back home.


We’re capturing it all from the expo hall on Hiring On All Cylinders. Be sure to keep up with our podcast to hear from great speakers and industry leaders from HR Tech 2018.

First up, we have Sarah Brennan, founder & chief advisor at Accelir, an advisory firm improving experiences for candidates, employees and customers as we move towards the future of work.

Entelo Envoy - Sourcing While You Sleep

When we launched Entelo Envoy at the HR Technology Conference last year, our aim was to make sourcing job candidates as simple as possible. Since then, we’ve helped numerous companies put their sourcing on autopilot, and watched them use that saved time to bolster candidate experience programs, form stronger talent relationships and ultimately build amazing teams.

We’ve seen what works and what can be made even easier, so now we’re happy to introduce a new Envoy Input Form that is even simpler to use and makes sourcing candidates as effortless as posting a status update.

Recruiting Automation Roundup

As our industry heads in to events season, recruiters and HR professionals are getting geared up for HR Technology 2018 in Las Vegas next week. Our team is excited to share tips and industry insights with leaders in the space, demo our newest product updates, and send our booth visitors off with some fun swag as souvenirs.

As you head in to conference season, be sure to brush up on this week’s top articles in recruiting automation so you’ll be prepared for great conversations at one of the biggest conferences in our field!