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How to Fix Technical Interviewing

Imagine you had to fluently speak and understand numerous different jargons, lexicons, and technical subjects, while also needing to accurately assess other people’s mastery of those skillsets. Now imagine doing it multiple times a day with different people in 15 to 30 minute increments. It almost sounds like some crazy version of nerdy speed dating, right? Almost, but not quite. It’s just technical interviewing!

Technical interviewing doesn’t need to feel like a DMV trip. But many organizations handicap themselves with one-size fit all interviewing and hiring processes that make it for more painful than it needs to be.

Last Week in Talent - Monday, April 24

Happy Monday, friends. This is the third edition of Last Week in Talent, our weekly roundup of headlines, data points and for the talent, recruiting technology space. But enough about me and onto the headlines.

New Zealand found out that, in an uncertain world, isolation is a pretty effective recruiting perk for tech talent (also nerds reallllly love Lord of the Rings), Facebook’s new Slack-killer chat app Workplace launched a bunch of new features and announced they will have a free version, the New York Times explained how the retail industry employment apocalypse is upon us, Recode explains the state of the H1B1 visa program in five charts, students and alums of Morehouse are tackling tech diversity, and, according to a new Pew Survey,  it turns out millennials aren’t quite the job hoppers we (as a society) said they were.

The Best of ERE Spring 2017 Recruiting Conference

The lights have gone down on the spring edition of ERE's recruitment conference, and as usual, attendees and vendors alike were taking to the twittersphere to share the most surprising, inspiring, and exciting parts of the show. Rather than condemn you all to scrolling through hundreds of tweets, we've done all the leg (thumb?) work for you and embedded our favorites from the show. Read on to see what everyone's tweeting about!

Last Week in Talent - Monday, April 17th

Happy last day to do your taxes, one and all! If you’re one of the estimated 1 in 7 people who wait until the last minute, good luck and get moving! If you’re not, congrats. You have fulfilled your civic duty this year! 

In the meantime, we’ve got the brand new second edition of Last Week in Talent coming in hot with all the talent-related headlines, insights, data points and long reads to help make you the smartest and best-informed talent pro at your Monday staff meeting each and every week.

And if you're headed to San Diego for ERE this week, be sure to check out our handy dandy guide

Hiring for Demand Generation? Here's Your Phone Screen Cheat Sheet.

This is the third installment in a series on conducting repeatable, consistent phone screens. Head here for the general edition, and here for the sales edition.

Finally, something I’m qualified to write about. Before you bring in demand generation candidates to meet the team and your hiring manager, you’re going to want to establish a baseline for the type of work this individual has done, as marketers come in all shapes and sizes. Your marketing higher-ups will have some kind of vision for the type of programs and campaigns this person will be charged with, so make sure to lock those down at the intake meeting and use them to drive your line of questioning.


Don't Miss the Talent of Tomorrow Virtual Event on Tuesday, April 25th

The world of recruiting and hiring is changing. Millions of baby boomers are retiring each year as millions of millennials join the workforce in their stead. All while technology evolves at a breakneck pace and changes the nature of entire industries and career paths almost overnight. Small wonder that many business leaders around the world now worry about their ability to hire the people they need to stay competitive.