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A Field Guide to Recruiting Data Scientists

Every day humans collectively create the equivalent of 530,000,000 million digital songs or 250,000 Libraries of Congress worth of data. Data is quite literally everywhere. Every click, email, push notification, blog post, and Instagram upload is data. And that data is incredibly valuable.

The Art of Referrals with Software Engineer Kelly Hale

Entelo Software Engineer Kelly Hale joins Head of Recruiting Britt Ryan to chat about Kelly’s unofficial title as the guru of referrals, the secret of her success, why culture plays a key role in successful referrals and the do’s and don’t of technical interviews.

How to Recruit Designers on Dribbble and Behance

As every organization rushes to create and update slick apps and websites for their users and customers, designers have become one of the highly sought after professions for technical recruiters.

But designers are a breed apart. Finding them and assessing their skills and experience takes more than just a quick LinkedIn search or resume scan. In reality, you want to see examples of their work and analyze their design skills. And that’s where sites like Dribbble and Behance come in handy.

How to Find Tech Talent on GitHub, Hacker News & Stack Overflow

The internet has created a million talent pools of every variety, but when you’re looking for technical hires a few places in particular stand above the rest: GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News.

The ever-tightening technical hiring market has turned these communities into essential talent sources for recruiters, yet finding the right candidates still comes down to knowing the particular rules, lingo and cultures that fuel these destinations.

For the uninitiated, that can mean a steep learning curve, which is where this guide comes in handy. If you’re on the hunt for technical talent of all stripes and the usual talent sources have dried up, here’s how to get started in the land of programmer-centric online communities.

Announcing the Ultimate Guide to 2017 Recruiting and HR Conferences, Volume 2

The July through December edition of The Ultimate Guide to 2017 Recruiting & HR Conferences is here! This volume features close to 100 events taking place around the world, including everything from half-day meetups with a few dozen local talent acquisition pros to weekend-long confabs with thousands of attendees and influencers.

Recruiters as Business Partners with Hot Topic, Rubicon, Factual and The Wonderful Company

On a beautiful June evening in LA, over 30 recruiting and talent acquisition leaders came together for a night of networking and candid conversations about the challenges hiring the local talent market.

I moderated a discussion led by Brian Breth, Director of Talent Acquisition at the Rubicon Project, Nancy Martinez, a recruiter at Factual, and Shelley Radford, Talent Acquisition Manager at The Wonderful Company, who each contributed their smarts, experience and sense of humor to a conversation about the many obstacles and pushback facing today’s recruiters.