Your 2022 Talent Sourcing Success Plan

January 21, 2022 at 7:27 AM by Janine Woodworth


Phew! You made it through a tumultuous 2021.  Last year was tough for Talent Acquisition teams as most were forced to pivot toward remote hiring in addition to responding to high employee turnover in what experts have deemed the “Great Resignation.”  Many are expecting these trends to continue well into 2022.  

These challenges require Talent Acquisition professionals to prepare more than ever to meet the organization’s 2022 talent demands.  Are you ready?  We’ve formulated your 2022 Talent Sourcing Success Plan comprised of both strategic and tactical activities to help prepare you to achieve talent sourcing success in 2022 and beyond.  

Part 1: Conduct Strategic Planning

  • Identify Your Hiring Goals For 2022 
    1. Determine your organizational or personal hiring goals for 2022.  Remember to account for employee attrition as well as net new job growth
    2. Identify the various job categories &/or job titles you will need to hire (e.g., Software Engineering, IT, Data Scientist, etc.)
    3. Determine the number of projected hires for each job category 
    4. Determine the number of applicants needed to meet your hiring goals effectively? Hint: What is your current candidate apply vs. hire ratio?  
    5. Calculate the number of candidates you will need to engage with to ensure you meet your application and hiring goals by job category. Hint: How many talent profiles do you need to reach out to that result in a qualified applicant?  (e.g., talent engagement to apply ratio)?  
    6. Determine the locations where you will be seeking talent (e.g., office locations, remote).
    7. Leverage Entelo’s Talent Insights to gather data to identify if the talent profiles exist in the targeted job categories and/or locations and adjust accordingly.

  • Define Your Target Audiences.  Define your organization’s targeted talent audiences, including diversity hiring goals.  See a recent Entelo Webinar for additional content, Hidden Talent Pools.
    1. Women
    2. Underrepresented Groups
    3. LGBTQ+
    4. Veterans / Military
    5. Disabled
    6. Other
      1. Internal Mobility 
      2. Employee Referral
      3. Alumni / Past Employees
      4. Diversity
      5. Niche Skills & Positions / Job Experience
      6. High Volume
      7. Employees 
      8. Silver Medalists
      9. New Grads / Interns / Early Career / Mid-Career / Leaders

  • Prepare a Recruitment Marketing Plan to effectively target, attract, engage and hire key talent audiences.
    1. Compile and prepare compelling content for your marketing outreach efforts (messaging, images, videos, testimonials). We recommend taking a very targeted approach with persuasive content relevant to each of the specific key talent audiences vs. taking a one-sized, fits-all approach to your marketing outreach.
    2. Identify recruitment marketing channels available for outbound marketing efforts (free and paid).  Leverage Entelo’s On-Demand Campaigns to send outbound email/text marketing campaigns to specific target audiences per your plan.
    3. Prepare your branded email messages/templates/website materials.  We recommend reviewing your messaging annually, if not more frequently, to ensure content is fresh and relevant.
    4. Develop & implement a marketing calendar with your planning marketing outreach by talent audience
    5. Evaluate outreach efforts through metrics, including open and click-through rates, track conversion rates, etc.  

  • Conduct a Current State Audit
    1. Identify what’s working and where there may be opportunities to achieve your 2022 hiring goals.  Meet with other stakeholders (Recruiters, Talent Sourcers & Hiring Managers) to have insights to augment your own.
    2. Evaluate the solutions and tools available in your technology stack to identify & engage untapped talent based on your anticipated hiring needs in 2022.
      1. ATS
      2. CRM
      3. Entelo
      4. Career Website
      5. Social Channels (LinkedIn, Other)
      6. Recruitment Marketing Solutions / Vendors
      7. Other
    3. Meet with your current vendors to strategically explore how you can further leverage, optimize, or expand the partnership to meet your 2022 strategic hiring goals.
    4. Run the numbers. Leverage data whenever possible to understand what tools worked best to source talent by job category.

Part 2: Conduct Tactical Actions

  • Document/Refresh Intake Meeting & Sourcing Plans - Confirm you have updated Intake Meeting notes (Sourcing Plans) from your Hiring Managers or Hiring Teams.  It’s essential to know precisely what candidate experiences and skillsets you need in your requisitions. Requirements may change over time, so we recommend you meet with Hiring Managers periodically to refresh your Intake Meeting notes and targeted talent personas to ensure you are homing in on the right talent profiles.
  • Actively Schedule Sourcing Time – Place time on your calendar every day or at a minimum each week to devote uninterrupted time so you can actively source talent profiles for your open positions as well as evergreen jobs.
  • Review/Update Your Search Strings – Do you repeatedly use the same search strings, or just tweak a bit here or there?  Be aware that the various sourcing tools (LinkedIn and Entelo, for example) use different search algorithms, and, as a result, you’ll get different results.  Leverage your updated Intake Meeting notes/Sourcing Plan to build your updated search strings with relevant skills, programs, certifications, and other search criteria to optimize your search results.  Leverage Entelo’s Managed Services team for building out the most effective search strings.
  • Leverage Sourcing Tools – You likely have many sourcing tools for finding & engaging with talent profiles. To ensure you consistently identify untapped talent profiles, be sure to use most, if not all, of the tools available. Tip: many tools, including Entelo, allow you to search for talent profiles that are “More Likely to Move” or net new talent vs. seeing duplicate profiles from previous searches. We recommend using these features to save time.

The pressure is on Talent Acquisition professionals more than ever before to meet the organization’s talent demands coming in 2022.  We hope Entelo’s 2022 Sourcing Success Plan, comprised of strategic and tactical activities, will enable your success to achieve your hiring goals in 2022 and beyond.  

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