Last Week in Talent: June 12, 2017

Summer has arrived! Which means if you have a pool you spent all weekend working on your tan, sipping pina coladas and blasting Hall and Oates (or maybe that was just me). If not, you probably did everything in your power to stay cool (Hello three shower days!)

But content never tires and the War for Talent is showing no signs of cooling off, so welcome to a sunny and summery edition of Last Week in Talent. 

Not Yet Recruiting on Hacker News? 8 Ways to Get Started

As of 2013, Hacker News gets about 200,000 unique visitors on any given weekday, according to TechCrunch – and we wouldn’t be surprised if that number has more than doubled since then. 

While Y Combinator-funded companies are able to post jobs to Hacker News’s front page regularly, the social news site for programmers and entrepreneurs opens the floodgates for other companies on the first of every month. All non-Y Combinator companies can post jobs to the "Ask HN: Who is Hiring?" thread and best of all – it's free. 

If you’re not already reaching out to the Hacker News community for potential hires, your company is missing out on a significant bulk of qualified tech talent who are actively searching for a new position. 

Entelo Study Shows When Employees are Likely to Leave Their Jobs

Over the last few years we’ve had the privilege of talking to thousands of recruiters about how they do their jobs. 

For the increasing number of them who are trying to source hard-to-fill roles (e.g., engineering, design, data science, highly skilled sales and marketing, etc.), a key question to answer is “When are people most likely to leave their current employer?”

After all, if you know that people were statistically much more likely to leave at a certain point, you could optimize your outreach accordingly.

Did You Know the Talent Gap is Costing Recruiters an Extra $20 Billion?

The widening gap between candidates and recruiters is no new tale, so why do we continue to recruit from ineffective networks in the war for talent?

How HubSpot's First VP of Engineering Made Their First 40 Technical Hires

The following is an exclusive interview with Yoav Shapira, Hubspot's 1st VP of Engineering.

As Hubspot gears up for an IPO in the upcoming weeks, Entelo sat down with their former Vice President of Engineering to learn his tactics for hiring and scaling a talented tech team — all from the ground up.

Between 2007-2012, Shapira was as a core member of HubSpot’s management team, serving as vice president of the engineering and the platform strategy teams. He arrived to HubSpot only a year after the company was founded, and led the hiring initiatives to build a robust department of engineers, product managers, and designers. 

Tools to Boost Your Recruiting Arsenal

Gearing up for the war for talent ain't easy. 

In the first of a two-part series, we've put together the top programs for better recruiting to help set you apart from the competition just short of bells, whistles, and megaphones. Release the kraken!

Best of the Week: Employees Shoplifting, GM’s Latest Hire, and the $5000 Quitting Bonus

It’s with great pleasure that we again say this: Happy Friday, recruiters. We’ve collected top articles for the week covering the latest in sourcing, human resources, and tech updates.

Check out these articles and learn from top dogs about their tactics for retaining team members and keeping up with the industry, and decide if your company’s policies are hurting employees’ health.

3 Must-See Examples of Great Careers Pages

Your company's careers page is a candidate's one stop shop for deciding whether or not they're interested in working with the team.

If the talent funnel is looking a bit empty, it may be because your job ads aren't passing the blink test. Are job seekers interested in what you have to offer on first glance? Or are their eyes glazing over the novel you wrote about the opportunity?

We've listed three companies with model careers pages that we're excited about that can help your team draw in candidates — resumes, cover letters, and online profiles in tow.

3 Ways to Build Good Engineering Culture

Promoting a supportive company culture undoubtedly has a direct impact on employee satisfaction, retention, and the way an organization grows. 

With a strong engineering culture, a company has the hiring advantage, motivating how outside engineers perceive the team as individuals who know how to build a high-quality product and how candidates want to work with fellow engineers who are equally tech savvy. 

Engineers who have the liberty to have a direct influence and impact on the company will be more constructive, independent, and, over time, build a better product. Check out these key practices for cultivating a solid, fervent team.

Tips from the Pros on Recruiting Co-Founders

You've got an idea for a product and some plan to get there, but now you're in need of a few good folks who can bring that vision to fruition. 

But you're not the only one.

Hiring a tech co-founder takes a precise, well-calculated approach that not only appeals to a candidate's desire to be a co-owner of a tangible version of their creativity and intellect, but also to build the core of and to execute a genuinely great idea.

Finding a top contender to fill the role isn't the tough part — it's getting them interested enough in developing your company's idea to come on board to show you how.

Check out insights from these co-founders on what it takes to engage candidates. 

Strategies to Win the Tech Talent War

The pursuit for top tech candidates is hot and tough. With recruiters across the nation demanding specialized talent, the chances of finding the right hire at the right time are rapidly growing slimmer — even more so depending on where you’re searching.

How Top Companies Are Using Twitter for Recruiting

If your company is ranked as one of Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For, you've gotta be doing something right. 

For starters, having an effective social recruiting strategy is vital to building the foundation of a solid organization. In 2013, 78% of companies hired candidates through a social media channel. Citing the higher quality of talent, higher retention rates, and the overall improvement of teams' well-being, social recruiting is hot and trending for one simple reason — it works. 

Build an Employee Training Program Like Facebook and Twitter

Training new employees is like growing a plant — it takes time, patience, and every now and then, a little bit of pruning. Some managers choose to weed out employee training programs completely, but if your company doesn’t give its team members the tools they need to prepare and succeed, how can they guide the team to success?

The Key to Hiring Data Scientists

Big data means big ideas, and for recruiters, it means even bigger duties.

Success in hiring good data scientists requires a keen eye for spotting talent with a vast, highly specialized and applicable skillset. As with the buzzphrase “big data,” the data scientist position is quite nebulous and spans across a myriad of strengths in areas including math, data engineering, analytics, and computer science.

SmartData Collective even called the data scientist position the “sexiest job no one has” — sexy because of its versatility and relevance, although the talent gap is arguably unattractive. Despite the job's appeal, only about a third of candidates are qualified to fill the role, and by 2018, the U.S. could experience a shortage of nearly 200,000 data scientists.

Even More TED Talks to Inspire Your Hiring Strategy

If yesterday's post didn't serve up the recruiting moxie you needed to get through the day, try on these TED talks for size. 

This is final segment of a two-part series covering top TED talks to spark your recruitment, hiring, and management strategy.