Tools to Boost Your Recruiting Arsenal

April 21, 2014 at 6:00 AM by Kathleen de Lara

war for talentGearing up for the war for talent ain't easy. 

In the first of a two-part series, we've put together the top programs for better recruiting to help set you apart from the competition just short of bells, whistles, and megaphones. Release the kraken!


ToutApp is an email tracking and analytics tool that shares insights on what happens to your sent emails and how recipients interact and engage with the message content. Track open rates, link clickthroughs, attachment views, set meeting times and reminders, schedule email deliveries, and even get notified to follow up on replies. ToutApp also provides templates for users looking to unleash their messages to the masses.



Get a glimpse of more product features here.

Why recruiters should use it:

Aren’t you running out of excuses for not responding to those emails?


Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system that gives a comprehensive overview of candidates for a more efficient, streamlined interview process. Equip your team with Greenhouse’s convenient “interview kits” that compile candidates’ resumes, CVs, portfolios, and social profiles. Interview scorecards also allow the team to take notes on a candidate and rank their skills based on the open position’s requirements.


Why recruiters should use it:

Two words: Interview kits. Need we say more?


Refresh is a mobile app that syncs with your calendar and gives a detailed list of quick factoids on people you’re meeting. Take notes on tidbits like interests and hobbies, sports teams, hometowns, mutual connections, and get the lowdown when you need it. The app also enables users to set pop-up notifications about meeting times, along with the “one sheet” (or in this case, one screen?), and to introduce others to your network by emailing profiles or sending business cards. 


Why recruiters should use it:

Like Post-its, but better.


Marqueed is an image-sharing tool that allows teams to collaborate and provide feedback on company design projects all in one place. The tool comes in handy for creating careers pages, business cards, and all other company branding material. Pinpoint and comment on precise areas and details for editing, and use the freehand tool to draw and put your ideas on virtual paper.

Why recruiters should use it:

Think Google Docs for images.



Rapportive is an email validation tool that allows users to pull up information about someone based on their email address. Pull up an individual’s photo, location and profiles on networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. There’s even a section at the bottom of their Rapportive profile that allows you to take notes that you can refer to privately. Rapportive users can integrate other apps within Gmail, like MailChimp, CrunchBase, and BatchBook.

Why recruiters should use it:

What tools do your team members use? Share them with us in the comments or tweet us @Entelo! Be sure to stay tuned for part two of the post!
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