3 Workflows To Try Out In Entelo's New Extension Experience

April 9, 2019 at 7:50 AM by Grace Newman

Entelo's Chrome Extension streamlines candidate sourcing from discovery to outreachThe reality of today’s talent market requires recruiters to reference over 13 sites to source just one candidate. That means that any given time, the average recruiter has over 13 tabs open, hopping between them to cross-reference and gather candidate information. Talk about Tab Overload!


What happens once you discover that great fit candidate? Some recruiters may add candidates to a project within their sourcing platform (or..dun dun dun...to a spreadsheet!) and move on. Others prefer reaching out immediately while the candidate is still fresh in their mind. Many employ some combination of the two.


For the majority of our users, the Entelo Chrome Extension is an integral part of their daily sourcing workflow. The beauty of the extension is that it adapts to the way you source – saving you precious time while helping you hone in on the task at hand. Whatever your preferred sourcing workflow, there’s an extension feature built for you.


The Pipin’ All Day Workflow

If the first step of your process is building up a candidate pipeline, then this workflow has your name written all over it. Recruiters of the Pipin’ All Day philosophy can use the extension to get an at-a-glance view of a candidate’s entire digital footprint, including the insights we have drawn by analyzing that footprint. Once you’ve decided this candidate fits the bill, you can add them to the appropriate Project with a single click of a button and move on.


Bischke Add to Project
Rather than navigate back to the original search or run a new one entirely, extension users have the ability to find their next source through Discover More. Analyzing the skills and experience of the current profile in view, Discover More surfaces similar candidates helping you to rapidly build out your pipeline.


The Stop, Drop, And Personalize Workflow

If you are of the Stop, Drop, And Personalize mentality, our newest addition to the extension experience was made for you.

Pausing your sourcing efforts to reach out to a stellar candidate makes personalization easy and more efficient. However, as with any task switching, this approach incurs an efficiency loss. It takes mental energy to transition your thought process from sourcing mode to outreach mode. On top of that, the action of navigating away from your current search to your email provider or outreach tool further adds to the loss of productivity.

New today, recruiters can now use the extension to email candidates as they source them. By simply selecting Contact, recruiters can open an email compose window directly within their current tab, quickly personalize a quippy message using Track insights, and send off (or schedule) their email to the candidate.

Bischke Extension TRackWith all that done, the search continues...


The Long Game Workflow

Unfortunately, there’s a piece of the sourcing puzzle that we have little control over: timing. Even if you’ve done all the heavy-lifting to identify a great fit candidate and personalize a thoughtful email, without the timing piece you're not likely to get the answer you’re looking for.

There’s a time and a place for the Long Game workflow, and this is one of them. Rather than try to commit this person to memory or condemn them to a spreadsheet cell, put the extension to work. One of the insights available to you through the extension is the Likely To Move scale, which predicts the likelihood that a candidate is open to new opportunities by looking at factors at the individual, company, and industry level.

When a candidate scores low on the Likely to Move scale, recruiters can choose to add them to a Watchlist using the extension. Whenever there is a change in the candidate’s likelihood to move jobs, the recruiter will be notified and can take action.


Bischke Add to Watchlist

Voilà! Three great ways to incorporate Entelo’s Chrome Extension within your sourcing workflow. Are you a current Entelo user who's just realized what they’ve been missing out on? Download the extension for free! Not a current user, but interested in learning more? Get your personalized tour of the platform.


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