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The Two-Minute Exercise to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

It’s finally come. The flow of talent into your funnel is reaching a screeching halt and the team is scrambling to find ways to make up for lost time, aloof candidates, and unanswered emails. 

Before you start making a list of all the things you coulda, shoulda, woulda done better to prepare for the seasonality, take a breather for 120 seconds and try approaching your Monday worries using this quick trick.

AMA: Why Should I Hire Contractors?

AMA: Our company is interested in decreasing hiring costs by bringing in contractors. What are some things my team should be aware of?

AMA: Hiring a Company's First HR Manager

Last week, we launched our AMA: Recruiter Edition series and the questions came piling in. We pulled one from the rick and put on our Ann Landers caps. 

AMA: I'm recruiting candidates for our company's first HR manager and have no idea where to start. Any tips on hiring HR for a small company? 

Open the Floodgates! Introducing Entelo's AMA — Recruiter Edition

Happy Friday, folks. I'm pretty stoked to announce Entelo's latest series, "Ask Me Anything: Recruiter Edition!" 

Every week, we'll get to talkin' about the biggest challenges faced by recruiters, HR, and other talent acqusition pros staying up all night to get great talent.

We want to hear from you. 

What to Say When Candidates Ask the Darndest Things

Recruiters usually have the upper hand when it comes to interviewing, right? You've broken the ice with an open-ended question along the lines of, "Tell me about yourself," and your interviewee is on his way to sharing a revealing tale of trial and error.

Then, out of nowhere, a left-fielder. The candidate floors you with a strange question about the company, and you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Cat's got your tongue. You struggle to deal with the rude awakening and mumble something passive.

We've rounded up several of the most outlandish questions asked by candidates and put them to the test with Entelo Recruiter Evangelist Loni Spratt. Read on to get her advice on dealing with awkward interview questions. 

Dear Recruiters, Why Do All Your Employees Look the Same?

Adding diversity to your company's hiring strategy isn't as simple as layering another tool or solution to automate the sourcing process. It's a big step that takes careful planning, research, sensitivity, and smarts, and if the team isn't prudent about their outreach, it's possible your organization could lose out on more than just a handful of top performers. 

Entelo guest blogger Maebellyne Ventura weighs in the pros of hiring for diversity, because perhaps the only con is — you guessed it — that you don't already practice it.