The ROI of Hiring the Right People with Greenhouse Software’s Maia Josebachvili

Maia Josebachvili, VP of People and Strategy at Greenhouse Software, joins the Hiring On All Cylinders team to discuss her work developing a system to measure employee lifetime value. As Maia explains, she began thinking about employee lifetime value because she was trying to figure out the precise ROI of hiring the right people. As a former Wall Street trader, she naturally developed a data-centric, mathematical approach to the question and developed some interesting conclusions that mapped out what factors contribute to the value employees generate for their organizations. 

How To Prep Interns for a Full-Time Role at Your Organization

Internship programs are one of the most cost-effective ways to find and hire new full-time employees. They give you the opportunity to engage, train, and get to know potential hires on a far deeper level than other hiring processes.

Yet it’s a common misnomer interns always get full-time job offers. In reality, around 52 percent of interns get full-time job offers. Compared to most other hiring funnels, a 50 percent intern to hire conversion rate is pretty darn good, especially compared to the uncertainty of other candidate streams. 

Here’s how to successfully turn your interns into hires.

Why You Already Have What You Need to Grow Your Talent Pipeline

Hiring top talent for the company can be a challenge when competitors are searching for candidates in the same, oversaturated pools. To hamper your recruiting even more, many of these candidates end up falling out halfway through the screening process.

The solution? Look around your office.

3 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement and Morale

No doubt – making a hire can be one of the greatest feelings as a recruiter or hiring manager. The other end of the stick, however, isn’t all that pretty and when an employee calls it quits, it can be difficult to retrace the steps to figure out where the employer-employee relationship started going awry. 

4 Tips for Training Non-Tech Savvy Recruiters

Gone are the days of the perfect candidate as the 80/20 rule comes into play – hiring candidates who have 80% of the job skills required, leaving the remaining 20% to be filled by in-house training.

It’s a hiring method that allows recruiters to fill open job reqs in a shorter time span than sourcing an employee that’s the exact fit for the role.

Not only does providing training for employees create a more time-efficient onboarding process, it also promotes a positive company culture and engagement between colleagues through teaching. 

The Two-Minute Exercise to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

It’s finally come. The flow of talent into your funnel is reaching a screeching halt and the team is scrambling to find ways to make up for lost time, aloof candidates, and unanswered emails. 

Before you start making a list of all the things you coulda, shoulda, woulda done better to prepare for the seasonality, take a breather for 120 seconds and try approaching your Monday worries using this quick trick.