5 Highlights from SourceCon Digital this Spring

A couple weeks ago, Entelo was a Gold sponsor at March’s SourceCon Digital. We were so excited to be a part of this season's event and Hackathon. Attendees learned from some amazing experts and HR leaders, and talked sourcing strategy with fellow colleagues and industry champions.

Here are some of our key takeaways:

WEBINAR: Data-Driven Diversity Sourcing

Technology and research have been tools for years in sourcing, recruiting, and the overall talent acquisition plan at many global companies to reach success.

WEBINAR: Discovering Hidden Talent Pools

Over the past year and a half, the hiring market has drastically shifted with many talent acquisition leaders leveraging technology to tap into new talent pools.

5 Signs a Candidate Is More Likely to Move

A good recruiter knows that when it comes to sourcing, timing is everything. You can scan for all the clues that indicate a candidate is a great fit, previous positions held, schools they’ve attended, what kinds of companies they’ve worked for and beyond, but all of this research could be for nothing if they just aren’t interested in leaving their current employer. Here at Entelo, we take the guesswork out of the equation with a key feature, More Likely to Move™ which uses dozens of predictive variables to surface those who are more receptive to new opportunities. More Likely To Move™ candidates are twice as likely to move to a new job within the next 90 days, which means when you see that indication on an Entelo profile, it means you’re striking while the iron is hot.

Announcing the Winners of the World’s Greatest Sourcer 2017

The 2017 World’s Greatest Sourcer competition is a wrap, which means it’s time to announce the winners of this year’s competition. With more than 700 participants in this year’s competition, it all came down to the wire with the fourth and final challenge proving decisive.

Without further ado, congratulations to Patrick Moran and Shawn Vyas for finishing first and second, respectively, in the 2017 World’s Greatest Sourcer competition!

Shally Steckerl’s Favorite Sourcing and Productivity Tools

A sourcer is only as good as their tools. After all, without a functional email account, strong WiFi connection or a decent computer, the amount of work even the most committed and talented sourcer is able to accomplish is limited. But, assuming you have all of the above, what else out there can help you take your work to the next level? Well, you’re in luck, because in honor of the 2017 World's Greatest Sourcer competition, we spoke with sourcing guru and WGS judge, Shally Steckerl, to get an updated look at his favorite sourcing and productivity tools.

The 4 Things That Helped Me Win The World’s Greatest Sourcer

The 2016 World’s Greatest Sourcer competition was a challenge truly worthy of its name. It tests you in so many different ways that you have to be truly plugged into the pulse of the industry to be in contention. The challenges test your knowledge of the basics, your mastery of tools and methods, and your ability to solve difficult puzzles with little to go from.

When the 2016 competition heated up in the later rounds, the challenges became tougher and tougher, and often required multiple steps to complete. I’d read the challenge and think I had a quick solution, only to find myself in front of the computer 2 hours later, wracking my brain for the right answer. There was plenty of trial and error, a lot of research on past methods and tools I had heard about but forgotten along the way, and even a few lucky guesses here and there. Each week the challenges were mentally exhausting, but also exhilarating to know you had stretched yourself and successfully complete a challenge that just hours earlier seemed impossible. These are the 4 things that helped get me through:

The 16 Amazing Books Every Modern Recruiter Should Read

Two years ago, we worked with The Sourcing Insitute's Shally Steckerl to publish the first list of books every sourcer and recruiter needs to read. This year, to celebrate the launch of the 2017 World's Greatest Sourcer competition, we've worked with Shally again to assemble an updated version with some of our favorite recent reads. 

You'll notice a few themes. Most of the books are focused on mastering and understanding communication skills, modern technology (like AI and automation), the fundamentals of human behavior, teamwork, and how to keep learning throughout your life. To different degrees, sourcing and recruiting at a high level requires each of these skills. Keeping them sharp will let you stay ahead of the curve in the always-evolving world of talent. 

Announcing the 2017 World's Greatest Sourcer Competition

It’s that time of year again. Entelo and The Sourcing Institute have again joined forces to bring you the World's Greatest Sourcer competition! Do you have what it takes? 

Once again, the best of the best will go head to head to find out who is the finest talent sourcer in all the land. Last year’s top finishers, Patrick Moran and Katie Gechijian, walked away with $2,500 and $500 plus a complimentary admission to the Sourcing Institute’s certification program, respectively, in prizes. And this year that big winner could be you.

The competition kicks off Monday, November 20th with new challenges launching each Monday up until December 4th.

How to Get the Most Out of SourceCon Spring 2017: Can’t Miss Speakers, Sessions, Restaurants, and more

SourceCon Spring 2017 kicks off next week in beautiful Anaheim, California. As the year’s single biggest sourcing-dedicated confab,  SourceCon is a genuine can’t miss event. The good news is, if you haven’t registered yet, you still can.

Beyond the opportunity to learn and mingle with some of the best people in talent acquisition, there are few better places than Anaheim to spend a handful of days in mid-March. A city known for its many tourist attractions, Anaheim is blessed with near perfect weather (temperatures range from the high 70s during the day to the high 50s at night this time of year), numerous award-winning restaurants and enough activities to keep you busy and entertained.

Still, with so much going on and so many options, it can be tough to figure out what’s up your alley - whether you’re looking for places to catch up on emails, fun spots to meet and mingle with colleagues, or the best options to make the most of your free time. We’ll give you some tips to make sure you get the most out of your time in Anaheim.

“Speed is Key”: Technical Recruiting Hacks From the Front Line

This week Carter Lowe, Senior Technical Recruiter at Mondo, joins the Hiring On All Cylinders team to talk through the challenges of the world of agency recruiting. In this episode, Carter discusses how informational meetings between recruiters and hiring managers are a pre-search must, why technical literacy is a great way to become a better tech recruiter, and why you should never, ever burn a bridge with people in your network, no matter the circumstances.

How to Identify and Assess Motivation in High-Performing Candidates

This is the fourth in a series of ten posts on hiring candidates for characteristics linked to high performance. Each post focuses on a key candidate trait, why it matters and how recruiters can develop processes to correctly and fairly evaluate for it.

So far, we’ve covered the science of first impressions, the important difference between hiring for personality versus character, and how to hire candidates committed for the long haul.

This post focuses on motivation, specifically what is, why it matters and what it means for recruiters. We’ll discuss the different kinds of motivation, how they impact job performance, and how recruiters can figure out if a person’s various motivations match the role they’re hiring for.

Referrals, Relationships and Recruiting: Hiring On All Cylinders' 100th Episode

Entelo Head of Talent Britt Ryan joins Rob and Amina for Hiring on all Cylinders 100th episode. Over some celebratory bubbles, the team chats about the art of referrals, the impact of jack of all trade employees within smaller talent acquisition teams, and how building relationships should be the number one goal of savvy recruiters thinking long term.

Why You Can’t Build a Global Org Without Diversity of Thought and Experience: Shopify’s Anna Lambert

The Hiring on All Cylinders team caught up with Anna Lambert, Director of Talent Acquisition for Ottawa-based Shopify. Since she started out as an HR intern, Anna leapt up the ranks and helped Shopify go from 43 to over 1,500 employees. Anna chats with the team about how she went from interviewing for a marketing position to joining as an HR hire and how she manages an international talent acquisition team across multiple offices.