5 Highlights from SourceCon Digital this Spring

March 25, 2022 at 9:36 AM by Laura Davis

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A couple weeks ago, Entelo was a Gold sponsor at March’s SourceCon Digital. We were so excited to be a part of this season's event and Hackathon. Attendees learned from some amazing experts and HR leaders, and talked sourcing strategy with fellow colleagues and industry champions.

Here are some of our key takeaways:

1 - Retarget legacy applicants.
“Sourcing should be utilizing all of the resources at its disposal including your ATS and your CRM but often times we don’t,” Talent sourcing leader Shally Steckerl explains. Re-engage with silver-medalist candidates, offer declines, and other individuals previously in your pipeline. Use your ATS and CRM as a sourcing tool to expand upon the work that you’ve already done.
*To hear more about untapped candidate groups, check out Entelo Live’s event on “Discovering Hidden Talent Pools” here.

2 - Source by design, not by default.
We are in a candidate market. The ways we used to engage with potential hires don’t work in a post-pandemic world. Rebecca Fouts, Head of Strategic Sourcing at Unqork says “This year [and every year after], influence change. Think critically about what you can do in the market and what you can do differently.” Work with individuals on your human resource team, your operations team, or your recruitment marketing teams to figure out how you can be more “candidate-led.”

3 - Take steps toward eliminating bias by identifying bottlenecks in your recruiting process.
Take initiative with leadership and hiring managers to address biases and bottlenecks and present solutions, not just changes. “You (sourcing leaders) are the expert and the one who knows what’s going on,” Mike Wolford, Sourcing Manager at Twitter, says. “You need to first look at the data as whatever data you have and figure out what story you can tell with it.”

4 - Use the “Mo-Rule” to strategize your diversity hiring.
The Mo-Rule consists of first identifying which underrepresented groups are missing from your team. Then, utilize resources to increase that persona in the top of your funnel. And finally, through the interview process, use gauges to measure success and ensure a one-to-one ratio of underrepresented candidates and well-represented candidates. “[The Mo-Rule] requires a few things: increasing top of funnel, measuring pipeline data, and taking actionable steps through systemic processes so that you can continue to drive towards your end goal,” Mawulom Nenonene explains.
*Want more on diversity sourcing? Check out out Entelo’s live event “Data-Driven Diversity Sourcing” here.

5 - Your sourcing strategy should consist of utilizing multiple different channels.
“As sourcers, we have to [figure out] ways of finding people that we normally don’t find.” says Sourcing Leader Balazs Paroczay. Platforms like LinkedIn have so much mismatched information that it becomes extremely difficult and time consuming to flip through millions of profiles, and creates a high risk of missing qualified candidates. If you start to use other channels like social media and AI-based sourcing tools in tandem, then you will start to have a much wider look at your potential candidates.
*You can read more about what Entelo can do that Linkedin can’t here.

These highlights from the conference further prove that sourcing and hiring are continuing to pivot. We need strategic processes, buy-in from leadership, and data-driven insights to reach goals and create innovation in an ever-changing market.

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