Here's What Entelo Can Do that LinkedIn Can't

October 27, 2021 at 8:22 AM by Janine Woodworth


We get it.  Recruiters often source talent profiles from their ATS as well as in LinkedIn.  It’s what Recruiters have been doing for years.  While LinkedIn has proven to be an effective sourcing tool in the ol’ toolbox, it’s not helpful in building, managing & effectively engaging with diverse talent pipelines.  More than ever before, Talent Acquisition teams are actively seeking new ways to attract and hire talent from underrepresented groups.  With the increased demand for diverse talent and with recent price hikes and limitations of InMails sent per seat, TA teams may want to look beyond LinkedIn to source talent. Entelo Search is designed to help recruiters discover, qualify, and acquire talent.  As the Global Head of Strategic Accounts at Entelo, I often hear the question, “What Entelo can do that LinkedIn can’t”.  Read on to learn more …

With several hundred million profiles in the Entelo database, Entelo offers recruiters one simplified solution to source untapped, qualified as well as diverse talent profiles – way beyond what’s in LinkedIn.  And, and top of all that, Entelo is getting smarter every day.  With over 9 years of machine learning algorithms, Entelo is continuously learning - so much so that it’s honed its predictive capabilities to effectively infer a talent profile’s skills and peer-based skills as well as their likeliness to move, company match, next job, and diversity information.

Sourcing & Managing Diversity Talent Pipeline

  • Find & target diverse talent profiles to improve consideration of candidates from under-represented groups across your organization.
  • Search by historically diverse colleges or get creative.  For example, you can add in additional search criteria such as Native American tribe names and/or languages.
  • Leverage our Advanced Diversity filters allowing you to filter by Women or Men or by ethnicities, such as African American or Black, Latinx or Hispanic, Asian, White &/or Other Ethnicities.
  • Further target profiles through Entelo Highlights such as Diversity Champion, Diversity Professional Associations, Multilingual (more than 1 language), Polyglot (more than 4 languages).

Simplified Recruiter Experience

  • Easily view a candidate’s experience without all that scrolling.  Entelo covers all of a candidate’s relevant information in a quick snapshot view, including: 
    • Job History: Job title, Company, Years of experience
    • Likely To Move
    • Company Match
    • Highlights
    • Predicted Next Role

  • Entelo’s chrome extension is available to all Entelo users through the Google Chrome Extension store.  It helps Entelo users surface candidates as they browse through 21 websites across the web, and get data-driven insights, contact, or export Entelo’s hundreds of million profiles.

Mitigate Unconscious Bias During the Review Process

  • We all have an unconscious bias – it’s human nature, but it’s one of those things that often gets in the way when we’re evaluating candidates.  You might look at a candidate’s picture and make a judgment without even realizing it.  You might see a school on a person’s profile and feel a connection because you went to the same school.  Entelo wants to level the playing field for all talent profiles by mitigating unconscious bias during the candidate review process.  
  • Entelo allows you to toggle on/off specified content, so it is not visible when you review talent profiles, including names, photos, schools, and employers as well as dates.

Diversity Talent Pool Insights & Reports

Entelo's Talent Pool Insights are great for conducting and sharing market research with hiring managers and leaders. Level up your consultative approach through data - it's amazing at conveying what talent is available based on job, location, diversity data like ethnicity, gender (and what's just a "purple squirrel").



Level-up your reach-outs

  • Entelo users love using Track - a powerful tool that allows recruiters to turn passive leads into engaged candidates.  Users can send, track, and analyze their outreach all in one place helping to conduct A/B testing and refine outreach strategy over time. Track allows recruiters to send outreach at a time that best aligns with your candidate’s schedule and schedule a follow-up email in the event a candidate doesn’t respond.  This tool seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365 and even allows you to send on behalf of hiring managers or other leaders within your organization.  
  • Entelo also helps level the playing field through the Inclusive Language feature which allows you to optimize your outbound messages &/or job descriptions so the words and content effectively attract all talent profiles, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. 

On-Demand Talent Marketing Campaigns

  • Imagine a recruitment marketing team at your disposal for engaging large volumes of targeted talent profiles.  That’s exactly what Entelo’s highly skilled managed services team does.  They can send out email campaigns on your behalf to target specific talent profiles from within the Entelo talent database, casting a highly targeted and wide net to attract & engage specified and/or diverse talent audiences.  While LinkedIn does have the ability to send out email campaigns, it can’t target Entelo’s millions of diverse talent profiles.  With open rates at 3x industry average and click-through rates at 7x industry average, we know we’re on to something big! 

If you’ve read this blog post all the way through, good on you!  Thank you for being a champion for underrepresented groups by taking action and learning how Entelo can help. To learn more about how Entelo is driving successful diversity outcomes for recruiting teams, sign up for a demo today!