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Here's What Entelo Can Do that LinkedIn Can't

We get it.  Recruiters often source talent profiles from their ATS as well as in LinkedIn.  It’s what Recruiters have been doing for years.  While LinkedIn has proven to be an effective sourcing tool in the ol’ toolbox, it’s not helpful in building, managing & effectively engaging with diverse talent pipelines.  More than ever before, Talent Acquisition teams are actively seeking new ways to attract and hire talent from underrepresented groups.  With the increased demand for diverse talent and with recent price hikes and limitations of InMails sent per seat, TA teams may want to look beyond LinkedIn to source talent. Entelo Search is designed to help recruiters discover, qualify, and acquire talent.  As the Global Head of Strategic Accounts at Entelo, I often hear the question, “What Entelo can do that LinkedIn can’t”.  Read on to learn more …