Why You Can’t Build a Global Org Without Diversity of Thought and Experience: Shopify’s Anna Lambert

November 10, 2016 at 6:00 AM by William Clarke

Balloons_Shopify.pngThe Hiring on All Cylinders team caught up with Anna Lambert, Director of Talent Acquisition for Ottawa-based Shopify. Since she started out as an HR intern, Anna leapt up the ranks and helped Shopify go from 43 to over 1,500 employees. Anna chats with the team about how she went from interviewing for a marketing position to joining as an HR hire and how she manages an international talent acquisition team across multiple offices.

Tune in to hear Anna share anecdotes and tips on:

  • How she went from HR intern to Director of Talent Acquisition in four years
  • Defining culture through objective metrics to refine your hiring process
  • How she asks the right questions to find out what she really wants to learn about people during interviews

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