Patrick Moran

Patrick Moran is Talent Sourcing Manager at BAE Systems, a global defence, aerospace and security company. Patrick is based in the Washington, DC area.

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The 4 Things That Helped Me Win The World’s Greatest Sourcer

The 2016 World’s Greatest Sourcer competition was a challenge truly worthy of its name. It tests you in so many different ways that you have to be truly plugged into the pulse of the industry to be in contention. The challenges test your knowledge of the basics, your mastery of tools and methods, and your ability to solve difficult puzzles with little to go from.

When the 2016 competition heated up in the later rounds, the challenges became tougher and tougher, and often required multiple steps to complete. I’d read the challenge and think I had a quick solution, only to find myself in front of the computer 2 hours later, wracking my brain for the right answer. There was plenty of trial and error, a lot of research on past methods and tools I had heard about but forgotten along the way, and even a few lucky guesses here and there. Each week the challenges were mentally exhausting, but also exhilarating to know you had stretched yourself and successfully complete a challenge that just hours earlier seemed impossible. These are the 4 things that helped get me through: