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Kathleen de Lara

Inbound Marketing Manager -- Among other things, I write stuff for Entelo, the greatest hiring platform on the planet. Be sure to check out our blog, eBooks, and webinars for talent acquisition tips! Oh, and tell us why you love @Entelo in under 141 characters, so we can send you cool stickers for reading this far.

Recent Posts

9 Experts Share the Best Hiring Advice They Learned in 2016

Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

Whether the best advice you've ever heard came from a mentor or a stranger, good words of wisdom stick because they're relevant to something you believe in, and maybe inspire workarounds to certain challenges.

The year's end tends to be a time of reflection and evaluation, and the same applies in recruiting! We reached out to a handful of people in the talent acquisition space to learn what transformed the way they hired this year. 

Women in Leadership Share Challenges of Workforce Diversity, Pillars of Success

Being a woman in the workforce lends itself to unique challenges. While many companies support gender diversity, workplace equality remains an initiative yearning for action.  

So often the picture painted for working women isn’t favorable. We’re 15% less likely than men to be promoted, earn less than men for same roles, and continue to be professionally underrepresented, holding under 30% of roles in senior management. Evidently, at the current pace, it’ll take longer than a century before there’s gender equality in the C-suite.

If you’re like me, reading through that might have been mentally exhausting. Good news about women in the workforce can be few and far between. That’s discouraging, especially in the midst of groups taking action on diversity and inclusion, like Project Include, Catalyst, Code2040, Lean In, and Paradigm, just to name a few.

In light of this, we’re drawing the attention back to the power of potential, and narratives of growth. Entelo’s Reflect, Grow, Empower will share lessons on being bold and resilient, as told by women leaders in tech. Leading up to our panel, we spoke with speakers Linqia’s Maria Sipka, Floodgate’s Ann Miura-Ko, and Decker Communications’ Hilary Davis to learn more about their pillars of inspiration, success, and hustle.

Why Performance-based Hiring Builds a Lean Team, as told by Lou Adler

Lou Adler joins Hiring On All Cylinders to share a sneak peek of his webinar later this week. Best known for his Performance-based Hiring methodology, Lou emphasizes the importance of recruiters seeking out growth in candidates' career trajectories, not just the right skills or experiences. This helps talent teams identify the best performers driven by challenges, the opportunity to evolve their skill sets and develop with their org in the long run. In this episode, Lou breaks down the performance-based hiring model, and why orgs too often focus on the wrong metrics to track good fit candidates.

Hiring On All Cylinders is the Official Podcast of HR Tech

We’ll be broadcasting live as the official podcast of this year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo! Over the three-day event, more than 50 leading influencers and top practitioners in the talent industry will share their perspectives on emerging trends in the space and how they’re solving the biggest challenges in HR.

Will you be at HR Tech? Say hi and see us in action. HOAC will be recording live on the floor right next to the exhibition entrance. Stay up to date on who’s on the show, and get a sneak peek of just some of the luminaries on the lineup so far.

Here’s What We Learned from SourceCon Anaheim 2016

SourceCon is one of talent acquisition’s biggest events, connecting influencers and practitioners to share their savvy on the state of hiring.

Over 700 attendees and 32 speakers from companies including Indeed, GitHub, and Lockheed Martin gathered in Anaheim last week for the conference. While the “two days of sourcing magic” have wrapped up since, we round up highlights from a handful of lucky attendees sharing their favorite conversations.

How to Champion and Win Over Candidates, with Hired’s Matt Hughes

Hired Recruiting Manager Matt Hughes joins forces with Hiring On All Cylinders to talk about how he’s optimizing the org’s internal interviewing and hiring processes. Matt shares the successes and challenges of building partnerships between hiring managers and the talent team, the importance of writing digestible candidate emails, and how Hired’s mission to advocate talent is transforming the way people connect with orgs. He even shares a bit on Hired’s unique (and healthy) relationship with Dom Perignon.