Here’s What We Learned from SourceCon Anaheim 2016

September 27, 2016 at 11:38 AM by Kathleen de Lara


SourceCon is one of talent acquisition’s biggest events, connecting influencers and practitioners to share their savvy on the state of hiring.

Over 700 attendees and 32 speakers from companies including Indeed, GitHub, and Lockheed Martin gathered in Anaheim last week for the conference. While the “two days of sourcing magic” have wrapped up since, we round up highlights from a handful of lucky attendees sharing their favorite conversations.

Understand which candidate data is the most meaningful for building a more efficient hiring process.

Tracking recruiting and hiring data can be a work in progress for any org getting started with measuring candidate information. The goal is to gather the info essential to making smarter decisions driven by data. At first, you may be measuring too nitty gritty stats, but over time and through frequent alignment between your talent team and hiring managers, you learn what’s essential and what’s throw-away. Which stages of the hiring process take the longest to move on or reject candidates? How familiar and engaged are people with your organization and its working environment?

What you come out with in the end is a standardized hiring process designed to reduce the time and cost of each hire, and to showcase your org’s best self because the process is efficient, concise, and keeps people in the loop.

Reach out of the comfort zone and expand your talent network. 

Personalization still matters.

Death to mass messages. Without customization, how does your email engage candidates? Doing research on the people you’re interested in hiring remains a crucial aspect of the recruiting process. Not only does learning about a candidate’s background and experience help you construct a clearly thoughtful email, it also helps you assess their fit for the role. Mass messaging candidates also taints your employer brand, and can give the impression your hiring process is entirely automated and the people you reach out to for roles are merely a number in the hiring game.

Nurture and maintain your employer brand. 

One of the most powerful messages you communicate to candidates is the one sent before they set foot into your office. Your employer brand is the middle person between you and your next hire, giving insight to how the team lives out its mission and values through the company culture, how employees interact and work together, and how that work impacts the world around them. It’s prevalent in every step of the hiring process, including the candidate experience. A strong employer brand draws in, engages, and educates people who previously might not have known anything about the org. Learn how to identify the successes of your employer branding campaign. Are you forgettable?

What got you the most riled up at SourceCon? Share with us in the comments! And if you’re headed to HR Tech, don’t forget – so are we.

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