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The Timeless Traits Recruiters Need to Win the War for Talent

We chatted with Shally Steckerl of The Sourcing Institute to share his hiring philosophies from over 20 years of being in the industry. Here’s what he had to say about what sets apart today’s recruiters, why it’s imperative to pick up new skill sets now more than ever, and what’s to come for the future of recruiting.

Bloomberg TV and Entelo Engineering Director Discuss Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem

Did you know women only make up 6% of tech company CEOs?

Many of the world’s leading organizations, including Facebook, IBM, and Intel, have recently implemented hiring initiatives dedicated to improving workplace diversity – so why is hiring more women still a big problem for Silicon Valley?

Introducing the World's Greatest Sourcer 2016

Entelo and The Sourcing Institute have once again joined forces to bring you the World's Greatest Sourcer 2016 competition! 

Sourcers, recruiters, and other talent pros far and wide are invited to participate in the sourcing pentathlon designed to showcase the cream of the hiring crop. Whether you're a seasoned expert with a knack for finding people, or a newbie on the scene looking to hone your competitive edge, join us!

Lever's Recruiting Director on Hiring for Culture Fit Versus Hiring for Likeability

Of all the wonders of the hiring world, gauging a candidate's cultural fit could very easily place near the top of the list. Every company has a recognizable culture, but defining that culture differs person to person. Cultural fit is, in part, founded on an org's desired employee attitudes and behaviors – how people conduct themselves and communicate with others – and desired traits of one team may not be the same as another's.

What's even more complex is understanding how people outside the company can thrive in and contribute to the prized work environment your team has carefully and thoughtfully cultivated. Recruiters often defer to a candidate's alignment to the company's core values as a benchmark for cultural fit, but a candidate who believes in these values doesn't necessarily translate into an employee who will execute accordingly.

Vetting a candidate's resume is the first step, but how do recruiters assess the skills and qualifications that aren't on paper?

3 Ways to Curate Your Hiring Plan for 2016

Getting into a routine recruiting process can be beneficial for some time, but if you’re not stepping back to refresh your methods, the long-term effects can hurt your hiring goals.

Curious about what you’re missing out on? Here’s how other talent pros are giving their hiring a makeover.

Can Your Recruiting Tools Handle You?

It’s easy to get tunnel visioned into believing what you’re using to find people is working. After all, you’ve been using these tools since you first joined the team.

To be challenged is the nature of the hiring game: Companies’ road maps change, budgets are frozen, and people aren’t getting any easier to find. Adapting to the change means getting rid of what isn’t working. 

What Makes the HR Unconference This Year's Must-Attend Event

While you’re building your hiring plan for next year, don’t forget to include those recruiter meetups and events to the list of things to prep for. 

You know the conference drill. Sessions, presenters, workshops. Networking, networking, networking. But ever heard of an unconference? At these events, attendees take the lead. Think collaboration, not lectures. If the traditional speaker-listener model isn’t working for you, this peer-to-peer learning environment could be the way to go. At unconferences, giving your two cents is encouraged – it’s what makes the whole thing. Attendees share their expertise and ideas on trending issues and topics in their space. 

Globalhru is one of the companies taking the lead in the the recruiting and HR unconference trend. Here’s how they’re doing it, as told by co-founder and CEO Taras Polischuk.  

3 Commonly Missed Hiring Opportunities

The blueprint to hiring is often reduced to a cookie-cutter recipe: Source, outreach, interview, offer – but the key to attracting people to your company requires a concurrent formula lead by your colleagues and the marketer within you. 

A carefully planned recruiting approach is more than just building your pipeline, sending personalized emails, and scheduling interviews. Where are candidates slipping through the cracks? Here are three places to start double-checking.

How Not to Turn Off Candidates While You’re Out of the Office

Before checking out and going off the grid this holiday season, remember to foolproof your recruiting from veering away candidates.

Here's your checklist for continuing to grow your talent pool, even while you’re on vacation.

How to Get Candidates to Like You and Respond to Your Emails

Recruiter’s block: Noun, phrase. The condition of being unable to think of how to recruit people or how to proceed with recruiting. 

No matter how long you’ve been in the space, you may have already hit the dreaded recruiting wall. A waning talent funnel. Snubbed emails. Dead open and response rates. Getting lost in the shuffle of competing companies is a common hiring nightmare. 

Then comes flattery – express appeal, leverage, then negotiate. Try these three moves to stand out from the long list of contenders.

Entelo Named to JMP Securities Hot 100 List

We are excited to announce Entelo has been named to the JMP Securities list of the Hot 100: The Best Privately Held Software Companies for 2015!

The JMP Securities Hot 100 list, in its seventh year of production, highlights software companies based on exceptional financial growth, leadership quality, product and service innovation, customer traction, and market potential. 

The Oracle Quick Start Guide to Hiring a CS Team

Place yourself in the shoes of someone solving problems for the world's leading organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. 

About a decade ago, hiring for that role would've been nearly impossible – Customer Success hadn't been invented yet.

These days, the CS team is the glue keeping your customers happy, and luckily, we were able to speak with Catherine Blackmore, the woman behind the teams dominating the CS space – Salesforce, Bluenose Analytics, and now, Oracle, as the GVP of Customer Success. 

She tells us her strategies for identifying the best candidates for one of the latest SaaS brainchild roles.

How to Make HR Tech Work for You When You Don’t Remember a Thing

If you’re like many HR Techies, there’s a chance you still haven’t unpacked your luggage or decided which conference swag to toss. Even worse, there’s a chance the whole thing blurred right by you and you’ve got nothing to show besides a fancy badge. 

What do you do when the post-HR Tech madness buries you?

The One Trait to Look for in Your Next Marketing Hire

For some recruiters, the proverbial question remains the same: If marketers don't market themselves, do they really make a sound?

With just one more day until we kick off the third part of our series on hiring every person for your company, we linked up with Mindjet's Melissa Matlins to answer this question, and to find out the key to hiring a team of marketers built to adapt to an ever-changing customer landscape.

Who do you need to hire to effectively brand your company? What types of marketers should you anticipate to hire in the next five years? How can managers identify strong candidates fit for the role even if they don't come from a marketing background?

Here's what we learned.

Candidate Enablement: 3 Ways to Prep Applicants to Nail the Interview

Preparing for an interview is often left entirely to candidates, but we argue recruiters also play a crucial role in equipping people with the resources to understand a company and their role. 

If a high number of candidates are falling out of the hiring process early on, there could be something wrong with your interview process. Personalization doesn’t end in the outreach stage. Try out these three strategies to speed up hiring, prepare interviewees, and create a better candidate experience.