3 Ways to Curate Your Hiring Plan for 2016

December 29, 2015 at 8:56 AM by Kathleen de Lara


Getting into a routine recruiting process can be beneficial for some time, but if you’re not stepping back to refresh your methods, the long-term effects can hurt your hiring goals.

Curious about what you’re missing out on? Here’s how other talent pros are giving their hiring a makeover.

Rank your best sources of candidates and employees.

Where are your best people coming from? A data point your team can start paying attention to over the upcoming year is which offers more high-performing, long-term employees – inbound or outbound sourcing.

Between employees who are applicants and candidates you’ve reached out to yourself, who contributes the best work? Who’s advanced at the company? Which group has the higher retention and productivity rates? Understanding this metric (let’s say on a quarterly basis, to start) can help you decide how you want your team to allocate their time between scanning resumes, and searching for people. 

Monitor email conversion rates. 

To get a closer look at your team’s open and response rates, you should be running multi-email campaigns for each role. Setting up personalize-able templates makes quickfire outreach easy – no recruiter does bulk sourcing with out it. But if you’re only using this strategy with a single template locked and loaded, try adding at least one more variation to test out alternate subject lines, opening sentences, and sender addresses.

For example, if you use two similar templates with identical subject lines and the same first three sentences, and a different fourth sentence (like referring to a recent project versus referring to their most recent company), you could possibly infer where a candidate’s interest drops, and to which email they're more inclined to respond to. 

Refresh your inbox.

Right now, there’s a high chance your inbox is chock full of junk – Google Alerts, subscriptions, and newsletters you’ve taught your eyes to glaze over. Maybe you’ll archive or delete them later, and hit Inbox Zero tomorrow. Staying updated on the recruiting space means reading a bunch. One of our favorite reads is Greenhouse’s Modern Recruiter newsletter, compiling articles from around the web, hiring hacks coming out of their content powerhouse, and even open recruiting jobs.

More of an audio learner? Try our Hiring On All Cylinders podcast on for size. Bill Kutik? Jim Stroud? Stacy Zapar? Matt Charney? Take your pick. 

What’s your secret to jumpstarting the new year? Share us your hot tips and topics in the comments!

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