How Not to Turn Off Candidates While You’re Out of the Office

November 25, 2015 at 12:30 PM by Kathleen de Lara

how not to turn off candidates

Before checking out and going off the grid this holiday season, remember to foolproof your recruiting from veering away candidates.

Here's your checklist for continuing to grow your talent pool, even while you’re on vacation.

Adjust your auto-response.

It’s easy to overlook settings on your OOO message and apply your auto-responses to all incoming emails. Instead, have your auto-response set to only send to office contacts, anyone with in their email address. 

Change your 'Only send a response to' setting at the bottom of Vacation responder in your Gmail settings.

That way, you’ll still receive emails from applicants and candidates interested in your role, and have the opportunity to personalize your response. 

Pay attention to when candidates are opening your emails.

Many people check in to their emails every now and then, even during the holidays. Remember to keep tabs on when people are opening your emails and clicking through links. There’s a chance that candidate you’ve been waiting to hear back from is showing signs of interest and you finally have the timely advantage to catch them while you’ve got their attention. 

Stay up to date on your social channels.

Try scheduling a few messages and updates to go out on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to let people know you’re still (mostly) around and attentive online over the holiday. Use social media management tools like HootSuite, Buffer, or SproutSocial to set up posts while you’re offline, which could inspire candidates to reach out to you, knowing there’s a high chance you’ll get back to them. In that case, refer to our previous point.

Start building out your sales pipeline for the upcoming year.

Another way to signal you’re still tuned in and to get ahead of other recruiters, keep busy sourcing for your teams. Lots of people go into the new year looking for new roles, especially sales candidates after receiving their end-of-year bonuses. Strike while the iron’s hot and use the vacation time to ramp up on your pipeline so you’ll be ready to reach out in the upcoming months. 

What tactics are you using with your team to keep their recruiting skills sharp? Tell us in the comments, and keep us some company on Twitter @Entelo!

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