What Makes the HR Unconference This Year's Must-Attend Event

December 4, 2015 at 12:42 PM by Kathleen de Lara

While you’re building your hiring plan for next year, don’t forget to include those recruiter meetups and events to the list of things to prep for. 

You know the conference drill. Sessions, presenters, workshops. Networking, networking, networking. But ever heard of an unconference? At these events, attendees take the lead. Think collaboration, not lectures. If the traditional speaker-listener model isn’t working for you, this peer-to-peer learning environment could be the way to go. At unconferences, giving your two cents is encouraged – it’s what makes the whole thing. Attendees share their expertise and ideas on trending issues and topics in their space. 

Globalhru is one of the companies taking the lead in the the recruiting and HR unconference trend. Here’s how they’re doing it, as told by co-founder and CEO Taras Polischuk.  

Give us a rundown of the HR Unconference and its history. What is #HRU? 

#HRU's all about developing HR leaders who will shape the future of business. By providing a space for HR professionals from different markets, cultures and disciplines to sync alternate perspectives on emerging trends, we've created one of the fastest growing community of global HR and recruitment professionals – over 6,000 of them. It's become a platform for HR practitioners and recruiters to share practical cases, discuss tools they're using and "next practices" in the industry.

#HRU events aren't like your run-of-the-mill conference with hundreds of people. They're designed for individual interaction and high level of engagement, so we keep attendance limited to 60-80 people. That way tracks are encouraged to be lively discussions rather than keynote talks.

Who are some familiar faces attendees can look forward to seeing at #HRU?

In the past, we've had thought leaders like Josh Bersin, Kevin Wheeler, John Sumser join us, as well as global HR and recruitment executives from companies like Microsoft, EPAM, HP, British Telecom, and Virgin Airlines. This year, Irina Shimaeva, Mick Collins, and leaders from Tesla, Zendesk, and other top orgs will be joining the conversation!

Looks like the next #HRU is focused on analytics. Tell us about what you'll be covering! 

The term "Human Resources” has been used for at least 70 years now, yet it's rarely associated with technology or innovation. For better or worse, HR has never been at the forefront of corporate innovation. It's never been the most exciting and sought after job on earth either.

This is all changing now. HR is rapidly becoming a data-driven decision-making science. This, coupled with a permanently perceived scarcity of talent and social and demographic changes, has created a new industry everyone's heard of – HR Tech,  a "new", evolved, HR profession.

HR Tech solutions have evolved beyond simple automation of human resources business processes, such as payroll and applicant tracking, into full-fledged business analytics tools that collect, aggregate, and interpret numerous types of data to drive more substantiated HR decisions. These solutions help HR professionals demonstrate and measure the impact talent and people-related decisions have on organizations.

The event in SF will be hyper-focused on issues related to data, like building and developing HR capabilities within an organization, how to enable managers to make data-driven HR decisions, and hiring analytics teams should start measure to drive growth and improve employee satisfaction. We'll also share cases and successful implementations of data analytics tools.

Looking forward to it!

If you're interested in joining the #hruAnalytics event in San Francisco, here's all you need to know and here's where else they're headed.

Taras Polischuk is a co-founder and CEO at Globalhru, an HR technology company that operates a collaboration platform for progressive HR practitioners and HR technology entrepreneurs interested in the latest developments in HR and recruitment. GlobalHRU owns two international event series: #HRU and HRTechTank.

Taras also serves as an investment advisor at Talent Equity Ventures, where he is responsible for the analysis and research into potential investment opportunities, as well as the development of the investment pipeline. Throughout his career, he participated in the development of executive teams for major corporations, conducted multiple industry research assignments, and consulting projects. He has a Master’s degree in Financial Management from Moscow State University and a Bachelor’s degree in International Management from Touro College.

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