How to Make HR Tech Work for You When You Don’t Remember a Thing

October 22, 2015 at 12:27 PM by Kathleen de Lara


If you’re like many HR Techies, there’s a chance you still haven’t unpacked your luggage or decided which conference swag to toss. Even worse, there’s a chance the whole thing blurred right by you and you’ve got nothing to show besides a fancy badge. 

What do you do when the post-HR Tech madness buries you? 

Don’t ignore (all) those follow-up emails. 

Getting your badge scanned is all part of the game, and whether you’re searching for a new recruiting or HR tool, scoping out your competitors, or simply touring the grounds, every person you’ve interacted with could potentially be someone you could hire. In the next few days, your inbox will start filling up with people following up about your recent visit to their booth. Before you start deleting these messages, take a closer look and review familiar names. Was there a certain sales rep whose pitch you can’t shake off? Did you meet someone during the company happy hour you want to meet for coffee? People who stick to memory, and follow up to your recent meeting are prospective candidates. Not only have they made a noteworthy first impression – they’ve also opened up the conversation to nurture a relationship. 

Scan through the speakers and sessions pages.

If you didn’t make it to the breakout sessions to mingle with some of the industry’s most well-connected people, all coming from companies with predominant brands and strong track records, the HR Tech homepage is a good place place to get nostalgic and to find your next source for candidates, especially if you couldn’t make it to some of the breakout sessions. 

Hailing from companies like UPS, Zenefits, Unilever, and Workday, HR Tech’s speakers are worth crawling through – you want to be connected to them and their networks. Break down the list of speakers by their company and industry, and source away. Looking for an icebreaker? Take a look at their session info to personalize your message. 

Track #HRTechConf.

Missed out on the action real time? Thank your fellow attendees for their social savvy and quick fingers. Peep #HRTechConf for event highlights, blog posts, roundups, and even photos from behind closed session doors and the after-hours events.

Don’t limit the recap to Twitter. Lots of exhibitors take to their company’s social pages to track and blog about their conference highlights, favorite booths, session or keynote takeaways – all ample sources for even more content and connections. 

Recap HR Tech notes with your team. 

Whether you were an exhibitor or an attendee, a conference postmortem is crucial to understanding what worked, what didn’t work, and what needs improving for next time. Were there any hiccups communicating between your sales and marketing teams on site and at home base? Did you have enough swag to hand out for all conference days? Was the team properly prepared for collecting and assigning leads? What were some notes you took from your favorite sessions? Share them with the team! These conferences don’t come cheap. Going over all the areas your team wasn’t prepared saves you time, money, and energy for the next conference, and help your company refine its presence among prospects, customers, and competitors. 

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s HR Tech but got your head set on attending HR Tech 2016 (in Chicago!), check out these posts prep you for the madness. 

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