Bloomberg TV and Entelo Engineering Director Discuss Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem

March 9, 2016 at 12:00 PM by Kathleen de Lara

women in tech

Did you know women only make up 6% of tech company CEOs?

Many of the world’s leading organizations, including Facebook, IBM, and Intel, have recently implemented hiring initiatives dedicated to improving workplace diversity – so why is hiring more women still a big problem for Silicon Valley?

“It’s not a pipeline issue,” said Entelo Director of Engineering Leslie Miley. “Look at the leadership of most of the tech companies, in engineering, and the leadership is predominantly male, and because it is predominantly male, you’re going to bias toward people who look like you and people who come from your networks.”

Tech’s less-than-diverse status quo is proving to be one of the biggest obstacles preventing organizations from improving the number of women on their team. Companies with a higher ratio of women will attract women, Miley acknowledged. It’s not just a matter of adding benefits like extended maternity leave or child care. For the tech sector to gain a competitive hiring edge, organizations need to develop a culture early on that prioritizes diversity over scale.

What’s to come for the future of hiring in tech? Watch the full Bloomberg TV interview here:

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