How to Keep Your Employees from Getting Poached

The industry’s highest performing leaders are equipped with some of the best people for the job. What that means for recruiters is a hunt for talent that’s slightly more demanding than usual, and at times, looking to candidates already employed by other companies is a route some choose to take.

It’s a route that’s more or less traveled for certain positions and occasionally considered taboo by others in the recruiting industry.

In our first post on poaching candidates, we shared insights on the ethics and legal matters of hiring talent from competitor companies. In this post, we’ve jumped to the other side of that fence to help keep your top players all in the family.

How to Recruit and Poach Candidates the Right Way

Companies in search of qualified talent often look to the industry’s top performers for their next great hire. Recruiting the best to be the best? Go figure.

There’s little wonder that the often criticized method would work. A candidate hired from a rival company knows the industry, has strategies to reach business goals, can anticipate trends, and is likely be connected to an extensive network that your team can leverage.

While hiring from competitors can be a viable option for boosting your company’s performance, there’s certainly a degree of ethics, legality, and good taste that accompanies rubbing shoulders with the folks down the block.

3 Unconventional Leadership Techniques to Try This Week

While there may not be a universal formula for building a powerful, effective team, being a powerful, effective leader can help you develop the right strategy that’s right for the company. Build a potent recipe for success by creating a foundation geared to support the industry’s ever-changing challenges and demands.

Looking for a place to start? Try testing out these tactics to boost the way you guide the team.

Why Money Can't Buy Candidates

If your recruiting pitch puts a halo over a competitive salary, you're doing it all wrong.

"If people come for money, they will leave for money."
— James Treybig, CEO, Tandem Computers

Attracting candidates with compensation may seem like the way to go, but luring talent with surface perks can bring down your company's values, potential for growth, and culture.

Retention Attention: 4 Ways to Keep Employees Happy

Forget the dull and dreary office environments of the pre-millennium era. Innovative practices, collaborative spaces and inventive thinking now illustrate the ideal workplace. The days of old promised a future sustained by pensions and retirement plans. As more millennials enter the workforce and Boomers retire, money no longer defines happiness in the workplace. A study by PayScale and Millennial Branding reveals the average tenure for Millennials is two years. A significant change when compared to Baby Boomers' seven-year average. The hand-picked talents in your organization are darn near irreplaceable, and keeping them requires a balance of financial security combined with inspiration, leadership and respect. Regardless of age or generation, workplace expectations are changing. Reduce costly turnovers by encouraging a workplace morale fit for the modern era.

Solutions to Recruiting’s Top Challenges

The following is a guest post from Ben Martinez, HireVue's VP of Human Resources. HireVue provides tailored, personal candidate engagement through social networking, mobile interactions, and video interviewing.

Ben Horowitz on Hiring from a Friend's Company

It takes one to know one. And when you have friends or friends/business partners who are successful in the same industry, you're likely to have similiar notions about what makes an ideal candidate.

When the probability arises that your team ends up vying for a candidate who happens to be currently employed by a friend's company, what do you do? Are there unwritten recruiter codes of honor that should be abided by, or is the hunt for talent a free-for-all?

How to Avoid Recruiter Burnout

Flashback to when you started out as a recruiter. Remember the thrill of making your first hire?

Rookie’s rush may fade away over time, but the good habits and practices that helped you find great candidates in the first place should be welcomed to stick around well past that stage.

It’s easy to be jaded by the seemingly cyclical nature of recruiting. Stimulate your team and steer clear of the dirge of recruiter burnout.

This Week: 3 Tips to Be a Better Leader

Do you have what it takes to effectively lead your team?

Being a successful manager who can support and inspire employees requires constructive communication habits, the ability to quickly adjust to every situation, and relentless perseverance. 

Mom was right — nobody's perfect, but add these tips to hone your skills, and transform yourself from just an average ol' supervisor to an influential supervisionary. (Cheesy jokes optional.) 

Women in the Workforce: How Gender Diversity Can Benefit Your Business

For over 100 years, women and their contributions to the good of this planet have been celebrated all over the world throughout March, Women's History Month. Yet, despite the progress women have made through history, in human rights, social movements, and the evolution of the labor force, today's work industry continues to represent what still needs to be done.

Build an Employee Training Program Like Facebook and Twitter

Training new employees is like growing a plant — it takes time, patience, and every now and then, a little bit of pruning. Some managers choose to weed out employee training programs completely, but if your company doesn’t give its team members the tools they need to prepare and succeed, how can they guide the team to success?

How to Determine Cultural Intangibles

If you're looking for a candidate's past experience, their resume or LinkedIn will fill you in. Want to see an engineer's past work? Look no further than their Github. Want to make sure they are engaged in their space and passionate about the type of work they do? Twitter is a window into what they're thinking about when not on the clock.

But what about the rest? 

3 Management Techniques to Try this Week

Congratulations. You’ve managed to attract and hire the best talent for your open opportunities.

Although high-fives and back-pats are in order, how can you tell that your management style hasn’t yet reached a plateau of staggered success? Achieving a goal is something to be proud of, but the ability to adapt as a leader and continually surpass expectations is even more noteworthy.

Give these management techniques a shot for the week, observe your team, and by Friday, we swear you’ll feel even the slightest bit more riled up to drive the rest of the squad to success.

Even More TED Talks to Inspire Your Hiring Strategy

If yesterday's post didn't serve up the recruiting moxie you needed to get through the day, try on these TED talks for size. 

This is final segment of a two-part series covering top TED talks to spark your recruitment, hiring, and management strategy.

TED Talks to Inspire Your Hiring Strategy

Forget (almost) everything you think you know about whatever it is you do. 

Whether you’re a recruiter, sourcer, hiring manager, or anyone in between, these videos will add a little fire to make you change the way you do things...for the better.

Because we said so.