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The Best of ERE Spring 2017 Recruiting Conference

The lights have gone down on the spring edition of ERE's recruitment conference, and as usual, attendees and vendors alike were taking to the twittersphere to share the most surprising, inspiring, and exciting parts of the show. Rather than condemn you all to scrolling through hundreds of tweets, we've done all the leg (thumb?) work for you and embedded our favorites from the show. Read on to see what everyone's tweeting about!

Hiring for Demand Generation? Here's Your Phone Screen Cheat Sheet.

This is the third installment in a series on conducting repeatable, consistent phone screens. Head here for the general edition, and here for the sales edition.

Finally, something I’m qualified to write about. Before you bring in demand generation candidates to meet the team and your hiring manager, you’re going to want to establish a baseline for the type of work this individual has done, as marketers come in all shapes and sizes. Your marketing higher-ups will have some kind of vision for the type of programs and campaigns this person will be charged with, so make sure to lock those down at the intake meeting and use them to drive your line of questioning.


Phone Screening Sales Candidates the Right Way

This is the second installment of a multi post series about conducting role specific, repeatable, standardized phone screens. Part one on general phone screen questions can be found here.

This one goes out to all you Sales Recruiters out there. While there’s a host of standard questions you can lob candidates during phone screens, when it comes to sales recruiting, this stage is a valuable opportunity to carve out some serious context. While a similar title and experience at a peer company can be attractive, not all sales processes are created equal.

Standardize Your Team's Candidate Phone Screens with this Checklist

The initial phone screen isn’t just a formality to confirm your candidate isn’t a total weirdo. Executed properly, this conversation is an opportunity to identify non-starters, and most importantly to understand if this person truly is who their profile says they are. Your team of recruiters is going to be conducting these constantly, and in the interest of candidate experience and consistent assessment, it’s important to standardize these calls. Luckily, I happen to sit back to back with Entelo's Senior Business Recruiter, Amina “Value-Add” Moinuddin, and there are a host of questions you can ask candidates no matter what role you’re filling.

Ditch the Canned Interview Questions, Already


Tell me about a time when you had to work across multiple teams to finish a project.

What’s your greatest weakness?

How would your best friend describe you?

Huh? Sorry. I nodded off for a second there. What were we talking about?

Oh yeah, canned interview questions. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the e-recruitosphere, you’ve come across a LinkedIn thread asking for a recruiter’s best interview question or a listicle blog post presenting 8 Great Interview Questions to Get to Know the Real Candidate. (side note: let’s agree to not Google that in case it’s actually a real post) (side note: I broke the deal, it’s a real post.)

How to Play the Long Game in Recruiting

Open roles, quarterly goals, and hiring manager woes. Much of a your job as a recruiter demands you move quickly to close talent and move on to other reqs. Time to fill is a metric you come up against, and having it hang over your head is enough to pressure you into trying to close every candidate. But sometimes, you’ve got to play the long game.

4 Can't-Miss Moments from Hiring On All Cylinders

This one goes out to all our dear recruiters.

We’ve got over 100 episodes of your favorite recruiting podcast, Hiring On All Cylinders, in the can. What better way to celebrate such an auspicious landmark than with an obligatory “Best Of” post? In the past two years, we’ve hosted a veritable dramatis personae of recruiting personnel: CHROs, VPs of Talent, and Talent Partners, just to name a few. If you’re not sure where to dive in amongst the deluge of recruitment content, we’ve compiled a list of the most fun, interesting, or otherwise unmissable episodes.

Use This Email Template to Prep Your Interview Teams

Candidate experience is more than just a quick email response time and parking validation. It also means conducting a well-rounded assessment during a candidate’s onsite interview.

Not only does this let you accurately evaluate talent at a high level, but it shows the candidate you were thoughtful about the interview process. It also saves them from the fatigue of answering the same questions over and over, and your hiring team from looking ill-prepared.

Using Rejected Candidates as a Referral Pool

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in this role, please let me know.

Hopefully, you’ve never committed this cardinal sin of candidate outreach. At best, it’s a sign-off that will go ignored. At worst it’s a short sighted, ham-fisted request for a person you’ve never spoken to do work on your behalf. Either way, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

But at the same time, referrals often make up for around 50% of candidate pipelines. While typically these referred candidates come from current employees, no recruiter is going to say no to a warm intro. Here’s the truth: great professionals know other great professionals, and a recommendation from them goes a lot further than a cold email, no matter how cheeky your subject line is. Thus, I implore you to think outside the box when it comes to where you’re sourcing referred candidates –  specifically, your pool of rejected candidates.

Essential Sourcing Hacks from the Talent Industry's Top Pros

What better way to learn new sourcing strategies than from the leading people in the talent acquisition space?

You've Assembled a Crack Interview Team. Now What?

As the legendary French electronic duo Daft Punk famously quip: Our work is never over. Even once you’ve organized your hiring manager and their team to take on secondary roles as interviewers, you can’t just wind them up and watch them go. Interviewing teams need regular calibration to ensure a reliable, repeatable, and accurate assessment of your candidates. Here’s how you can go about tuning up your interview processes to ensure the best candidate experience and most accurate evaluation possible.

Entelo CEO Jon Bischke on How to Nail Candidate Experience and Employee Retention

At Entelo, we live and breathe recruitment. Finding and hiring great people isn't just the cornerstone of what we’re building. Great people are the foundation of great companies – it's the lifeblood of how we work together.

Given our internal obsession with talent, our friends at HubSpot tapped our very own Jon Bischke to join their podcast, The Growth Show, which features leaders working to grow companies, movements, ideas, and teams. Jon and host Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot’s CMO, met at Entelo headquarters to discuss the common pitfalls ensnaring hiring managers, and what organizations can do to prioritize hiring and retention.

Why Haven't You Hired a Recruitment Analyst Yet?

Every talent team readily accepts the need to monitor recruitment metrics. But who's really keeping count?

There's a serious discrepancy between which recruitment metrics talent teams think they should be tracking, and what's actually being tracked, according to research by Kyle Lagunas, IDC talent acquisition research manager.

So why aren't most talent teams analyzing recruitment data? For one thing, doing so requires at the very least, manual data pulling and Excel know-how, and at the most, technical chops to the tune of R and MySQL. Whose role is it to measure and crunch the details?

Cue the Recruitment Analyst.

Entelo CEO Joins Bloomberg TV to Discuss Microsoft's LinkedIn Acquisition

The Recruitosphere erupted on Monday with the news of Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. The dust has yet to settle, and there's still a number of questions around what this means for the talent acquisition industry.

Entelo CEO Jon Bischke joined Bloomberg TV alongside Shira Ovide, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist, to discuss the implications, the greater market context of the merger, and the future of LinkedIn within Microsoft.

Kyle Lagunas on Why Talent Teams Aren't Tracking Recruiting Metrics

Kyle Lagunas, talent acquisition research manager at IDC, pointed out that no recruiter is going to claim recruitment metrics aren't important.

They will, however, confess to a serious lack of tracking the numbers that speak to the talent team's true value. Lagunas recently did research on the general attitudes and practices around recruitment metrics coverage by talent acquisition teams – in short, an area that's more so preached than practiced.

Lagunas and the Hiring On All Cylinders team dug into the details, live from the Greenhouse Open floor.