The Future of Work with Leapgen's Jason Averbook

Jason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen and longtime industry thought leader joins Hiring on All Cylinders co-hosts Britt Ryan and Sean Simerly to share his views on what the future has in store for HR and recruiting technology. As a consultant and advisor to enterprises across the globe with experience at some of the largest vendors in the space,  Averbook is a leading voice on the technological trends and developments shaping the industry.  

The team dug into why many human resources organizations have been so slow to adopt new solutions, what factors are key to great candidate experiences, and why hiring and retaining great people remains one of the single best ways to move the needle.

The Key to a Stellar Candidate Experience: Transparency

Johnson & Johnson Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience, Sjoerd Gehring, joins the Hiring on All Cylinders podcast to discuss his role leading worldwide recruiting and hiring at the world’s largest independent biotechnology company. Sjoerd also directs the company’s employee experience programs and led the recent launch of Shine, J&J’s brand new candidate experience platform.

Sjoerd spoke with co-hosts Britt Ryan and Sean Simerly about his work trying to bring a consumer-level experience to employees and candidates, why he thinks transparency is a key ingredient in successful talent acquisition strategies, and explained what he’s learned while leading J&J’s millennial employee resource group.

How to Easily Create a Killer Recruiting Event

The Tinderification of recruiting has made it easy to rely exclusively on online sources for your talent. But now that everyone is looking for candidates in the same places, standing out from the crowd in the digital world is no easy feat. Sure, compelling, personalized outreach and finely calibrated candidate profiles help a lot, but at a certain point many candidates just aren’t interested in unsolicited outreach.

Letting Candidates Down Easy: The Art of the Break Up Call

The worst part of a recruiter’s job is telling candidates you’re not moving forward with them. It’s understandable why many recruiters take the easy way out by sending generic rejection emails to candidates. But there’s a better way. Entelo senior business recruiter Amina Moinuddin endeavors to call every single candidate who makes it past the initial phone screen. These calls, even if they only last 45 seconds, are an integral part of the Entelo hiring process and go a long way towards ensuring that each and every candidate has a great experience, whether or not they get hired.

The Candidate is Your Customer: SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck

SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck joins Hiring On All Cylinders this week to chat about what’s on the horizon for the company after raising their Series C funding round. Alongside Entelo CEO Jon Bischke and host Rob Stevenson, Jerome discusses how the recruiting technology space is adapting to  increasingly fluid global talent pools and why platform-based solutions are driving the recruiting industry forward with better, more flexible product suites.

Transparency is the New Black, with TalentCulture CEO Meghan M. Biro

Employer branding, social strategy, and recruiting guru Meghan M. Biro hops onto Hiring On All Cylinders ahead of her Entelo Talent Powerhouse webinar next week. Meghan and the team chat about why transparency, honesty and trust are fundamental components for a high-performing recruiting organization, and why you can’t successfully build a genuine employer brand without them. 

Entelo CEO Jon Bischke on How to Nail Candidate Experience and Employee Retention

At Entelo, we live and breathe recruitment. Finding and hiring great people isn't just the cornerstone of what we’re building. Great people are the foundation of great companies – it's the lifeblood of how we work together.

Given our internal obsession with talent, our friends at HubSpot tapped our very own Jon Bischke to join their podcast, The Growth Show, which features leaders working to grow companies, movements, ideas, and teams. Jon and host Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot’s CMO, met at Entelo headquarters to discuss the common pitfalls ensnaring hiring managers, and what organizations can do to prioritize hiring and retention.