Entelo Welcomes New VP of Customer Success Andre Boulais

It’s been an exciting past few months for Entelo, as we welcomed in a new CEO and completed an expansion of one of our most powerful integrations. Today, we add one more reason for celebration to the list – the appointment of our new VP of Customer Success, Andre Boulais.

Robert Tsao Appointed the CEO of Entelo

Entelo today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Robert Tsao as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Tsao previously held the positions of Chief Product Officer and Vice President of Strategic Operations at Jobvite.

The Questions That Get the Most Out of Candidates

Interviewing is tough business – you have but a brief moment to gather your thoughts on not only an individual's aptitude, but also whether or not you think they possess those critical intangibles that lead to success within your organization.

It’s no surprise then that folks are always asking hiring managers about their interview techniques and questions in order to gain an upper hand. Instead of following that path, we're flipping the script and asking YOU for your favorite (and least favorite!) interview questions. By submitting your answers here, you may be included in a resource for recruiters and hiring managers for years to come. To get the ball rolling, I’ve included a few of my own below.

Since I started hiring at Entelo, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates, and brought on board north of 40 SDRs. I’ve had stellar interviews with lackluster candidates and the opposite; I’ve been blown away by candidates that in many other organizations would have been stopped at the application screen; and candidates have both told me I’m the easiest, friendliest interview while others have said I’m impossible and brutal. In any case, below are a few questions that I’ve used, and will continue to use, in all of my interviews:

Humu CEO Laszlo Bock on the Big Problems in Recruiting

Laszlo Bock is someone who has done as much as anyone to advance the field of talent management. In his ten years as Google's SVP of People Operations, Laszlo helped the company scale rapidly and intentionally by developing a growth model of "attracting, developing, retaining, and delighting" employees.

Why We’ve Moved Beyond Culture Fit (and You Should, Too)

There’s a common phrase in recruiting that now makes me shudder when I hear it. The phrase in question? Culture fit. “What’s so wrong with culture fit?” you ask.

Culture fit has become code for “do I get along with this person,” which, in turn, often really means "is he or she like me?" That’s a problem because we shouldn’t base hiring decisions on how much we like people or want to hang out with them. Choosing colleagues is not like choosing friends-- nor should it be. And that’s one reason the idea of culture fit can be so problematic.

The Art of Referrals with Software Engineer Kelly Hale

Entelo Software Engineer Kelly Hale joins Head of Recruiting Britt Ryan to chat about Kelly’s unofficial title as the guru of referrals, the secret of her success, why culture plays a key role in successful referrals and the do’s and don’t of technical interviews.

Seven Great Videos on Recruiting, Hiring, and Talent Management

Most of the time you fall into a YouTube black hole, you’re watching videos of cats, movie trailers, late night talk show clips, or some other hilarious but useless nonsense. That's me most of the time, but last week I found myself watching a whole lot of recruiting and talent management videos.

After the first handful, I thought to myself: “Hey, some of these have been really interesting--maybe I should share them!” So, after sorting the wheat from the chaff, here are seven intriguing, educational, and fun talks about the world of hiring, recruiting, and talent. 

Speakers range from former Google Senior VP of People Laszlo Bock, famed entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, a16z founder and partner Ben Horowitz, author Malcolm Gladwell and even a very young Steve Jobs.  The clips range in length from just a few minutes up to a half hour, but each includes fascinating insights, ideas, and takeaways that will benefit every talent pro, no matter how long you’ve been in the game. 

On the Road with Glassdoor: What Being a Best Place to Work Really Means

Britt Ryan is Entelo's Head of Recruiting. In this post, she explains some key takeaways from the three events she attended as part of the Glassdoor Roadshow.

We’re still riding high from placing #3 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list earlier this year. It's Entelo's first time earning the accolade and, as a company that doubled our headcount over the past year and is still growing, it’s been a huge honor. 

One of the best perks of being ranked a Glassdoor Best Place to Work is that you get to travel around the country as part of their Glassdoor Roadshow, and I’ve been fortunate to represent Entelo at events in Washington D.C., Dallas, and, most recently, San Francisco.

I’ve been in recruiting and HR for a long time, but my peers at the Roadshows have absolutely floored me with their ingenuity and creativity. In the course of these three events, I’ve picked up a lifetime of tips and tricks from peers at great organizations like Docusign and Paylocity. No matter how great your culture is, there's always room for improvement, and hearing from other companies who are succeeding across thousands of employees and numerous global offices has been eye-opening and inspiring. 

After all of the amazing conversations, presentations, and keynotes at the Glassdoor Roadshows, a few key things really stand out:

"If They Ask For a Raise You’ve Already Lost Them": Comparably CEO Jason Nazar

Jason Nazar, the CEO of Los Angeles-based Comparably joins the podcast to chat about his work making compensation more transparent. Jason and host Rob Stevenson talk about why it behooves companies to be proactive when it comes to employee compensation, why a data-centric approach can lead to fair compensation outcomes for employers and employees, and how Jason wound up as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the City of Los Angeles.  

Why Accountability is Key to Effective Recruiting

This is the tenth and final post in our series on hiring candidates with characteristics linked to high performance. Each post focuses on a single key trait, why it matters and how recruiters can develop processes to correctly and fairly evaluate candidates for it.

So far, we’ve covered the science of first impressions, hiring for personality versus character, how to hire committed candidates, how to find motivated candidates, how to hire collaborative individuals, how to hire passionate candidates, finding candidates with the right skillset for your role, the value of growth-minded candidates, and why freethinkers are awesome hires for every company.

You’ve probably heard this phrase before: Success has many parents, but failure is an orphan. Besides the fact that everyone shirks blame, what does it mean? It means true accountability is hard. It’s easy to take credit for success, but hard to take ownership of failure. That goes for individuals and organizations, and it’s why accountability is so important for successful organizations. But it’s a tough nut to crack.

“Everybody is Unique, So We Have to Adapt”: Vevo Head of TA Brian Schneider

Vevo's Brian Schneider joined Hiring On All Cylinders for a wide-ranging chat with Entelo VP of Talent and Ops Jill Witty and host Rob Stevenson. The Head of Talent Acquisition, People Analytics & Technology chatted with the team about building company culture across international borders, how to make layoffs a more humane process, and why accurately assessing technical resumes can be such a challenge.

Get Lighthouse CEO Jason Evanish on Creating Meaningful One-on-Ones

Get Lighthouse CEO Jason Evanish joins Hiring On All Cylinders with Entelo Senior Director of Customer Success Loni Spratt and host Rob Stevenson to chat about the art and science of holding productive, effective, and strategic one-on-one meetings. They dig into the differences between tactical and strategic conversations, why monthly and weekly meetings with separate focuses are so important, and how to create more proactive engagement between managers and employees.

Hiring On All Cylinders at the Future Workplace Meetup: Modernizing Work For Modern Talent

Hiring On All Cylinders was in the house at a recent Future Workplace event sponsored by Fidelity Investments. Talent acquisition heavyweights and thought leaders mingled with VPs of Talent, CHROs, and other eager learners in the industry. Joined by Entelo VP of Talent and Operations, Jill Witty, the HOAC team sat down with Randstad CHRO Jim Link, Future Workplace Founding Partner Jeanne Meister, Fidelity SVP of Talent Tara Amaral and others to chat about what the future holds for modern organizations and how they can plan for changing talent pools, evolving work habits, and other anticipated challenges. 

Whether you’re a recruiter or a curious candidate looking for a leg up in your job hunt, check out the episodes below for valuable intel. Tune in to hear more about:

How to Power Your Company Culture with Data and Feedback Loops

Over the past few years, many organizations have realized how important their company culture is. From the way they treat employees, hire new ones, to how their employees treat each other, culture is a fundamental ingredient to an organization’s success. When it’s bad or nonexistent, it’s costly, as Walmart recently found out.

How Collaboration, Integrity and Grit Power Entelo’s Sales Team

Hiring for any role can be a challenge, but sales hires can be the most complex. A great salesperson is personable, relentless, and positive. They are also a quick thinker who can read a room in just a few seconds and explain complicated topics quickly and persuasively. They know the art of the soft sell, how to perform the discovery process when a lead is totally disinterested, and when to know if someone is blowing you off or just playing hard to get.