What It Takes to Recruit the Best Talent in the DC Metro Area

Recruiting in Washington, DC is a world unto itself. In most cities, recruiters and talent professionals don’t have to worry about the intricacies of government bureaucracies, security clearances or how federal elections will impact the industries they work in or the available talent. But most cities are not home to one of the largest employers in the nation - the Federal Government of the United States.

"What Really Matters is How Much Someone Cares:" Hirepool's Erin Wilson

hirepool.io founder Erin Wilson joins Rob and Amina in the Hiring on all Cylinders studio to chat about his current work as a first time founder after more than a decade building teams for companies like Brightroll and Yahoo. The team chats about Erin's work trying to build the first great CRM for jobseekers, why talent should be understood as a business onto itself, and why finding those people who will run through walls for candidates is the key to building a truly outstanding talent team.

On the Road with Glassdoor: What Being a Best Place to Work Really Means

Britt Ryan is Entelo's Head of Recruiting. In this post, she explains some key takeaways from the three events she attended as part of the Glassdoor Roadshow.

We’re still riding high from placing #3 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list earlier this year. It's Entelo's first time earning the accolade and, as a company that doubled our headcount over the past year and is still growing, it’s been a huge honor. 

One of the best perks of being ranked a Glassdoor Best Place to Work is that you get to travel around the country as part of their Glassdoor Roadshow, and I’ve been fortunate to represent Entelo at events in Washington D.C., Dallas, and, most recently, San Francisco.

I’ve been in recruiting and HR for a long time, but my peers at the Roadshows have absolutely floored me with their ingenuity and creativity. In the course of these three events, I’ve picked up a lifetime of tips and tricks from peers at great organizations like Docusign and Paylocity. No matter how great your culture is, there's always room for improvement, and hearing from other companies who are succeeding across thousands of employees and numerous global offices has been eye-opening and inspiring. 

After all of the amazing conversations, presentations, and keynotes at the Glassdoor Roadshows, a few key things really stand out:

What it Takes to Build an Enterprise Sales Team

Entelo Head of Recruiting Britt Ryan, and Senior Business Recruiter Amina Moinuddin join host Rob Stevenson in the studio to chat about the trials and travails of building the enterprise sales team, why a candidate who hasn’t done any research is a red flag, and the importance of talent teams creating content that highlights diversity and inclusion as an organizational goal.

Cracking the Boston Talent Market: Hiring Tips from HubSpot, Wayfair, and TripAdvisor

As the leader of the newly created sourcing and research team for Wayfair’s Analytics & Engineering Recruiting team, I get a unique perspective of the Boston hiring landscape.

Just like many of our recruiting counterparts elsewhere, engaging with the local candidate market poses unique challenges. Outreach is a repetitive, thankless, and often futile effort. Candidates are more familiar with companies as brands, not employers. More and more people are searching for an intuitive mobile application process. Where does the disconnect lie between connecting employers with potential employees? What does it take to crack the Boston talent market?

9 Companies Getting Branding Right and What Talent Teams Can Learn From Them

One thing matters more than anything else when it comes to recruiting talent: A company’s reputation. In fact more than 62% of people say that’s the most important criteria when they consider whether or not to take a job.

Your brand identity is priceless. A good one helps you attract and hire the best talent. A great one will keep your pipeline packed with candidates for months to come.

Here's what you can learn from nine organizations with stellar branding – vividly illustrating their employees’ story, instilling interest in potential candidates, spotlighting company culture and the importance of their values.

How to Jumpstart Your Inbound Recruiting

To a certain degree, every company has inbound recruiting. The shame is that not every company has a coherent inbound recruiting strategy. It may sound counterintuitive at first, but inbound recruiting can help you make better, more efficient and effective hires at every level of your company. 

These Bad Hiring Practices are Turning Off Candidates

Yes, recruiting is very much like dating.

The incessant metaphor is one you’re probably familiar with, one you love to hate because it’s hackneyed and true.

Courting people is an art, but charming candidates comes with higher risk. As a recruiter, the courtship represents you and the company, success relies on who you hire, and emphasizing quantity over quality simply isn’t smart or cost-effective. No pressure, right?

Avoid these five candidate pet peeves to hit the hiring home run.

How to Get Your Employees to Be Company Brand Ambassadors

The first steps of getting more talent into the funnel isn’t just having a first-class, well-oiled machine comprised of sources and recruiters who know a good candidate when they see it – it’s making sure your current workforce is happy with what they’re doing.

Otherwise, you’re touting a company and its advantages without anything else to back you up on it besides fellow team members whose goals bank on you filling the open req, and the trust your good word lines up with those benefits and perks you mentioned.

In other words, before all else, focus on building a positive employee experience to align what the role you’re selling to the role your team is selling.

Missed Our Webinar on Building Your Employer Brand? Here's the Quick Version

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Recruiters, if you’re selling the product, you’re doing it wrong.

Building your company brand is about selling the role to candidates and functioning as the “eyes” into the company. Recruiters and hiring managers may spend all day qualifying candidates, but on the other side of the fence, candidates are qualifying your company, too. Creating a strong employer brand gives answers the “why” candidates ask before deciding whether or not your role is fit for what they’re looking for.

If you missed our joint webinar with Officevibe’s Jacob Shriar, we’ve bustled through our notes to bring you some top discussion points from the live event. 

Here’s Why Your Employer Brand Needs a Revamp

In an ideal world, every candidate has heard great things about working for your company lightyears ahead of your first email outreach. 

Every year, Fortune Magazine puts together a list of the top 100 best companies to work for and even before seeing the list, a few org names already come to mind. 

Google, for example, is one of ‘em, and unsurprisingly tops the list for the fifth time in its eighth appearance in the series. What’s their secret? Along with the 99 other contenders, Google has managed to achieve a level of solid employer branding backed by a satisfied team and a strong culture with a clear set of values – all of which drive the way the company operates. 

Not yet convinced? Read on. 

4 Things Candidates Want to Hear about Your Company

What’s your story? 

Recruiters, you may do whatever it takes to dress your open opportunity to the nines, but you’re simply grazing the surface by sticking to a script ushered by the job description. 

Typically, the phone screen and interview gives recruiters and hiring managers a chance to sell their role to a potential hire and to learn how a candidate fits within that position. Running through a list of questions, job duties, and required experiences and skills barely illustrates the company and employer brand, and shortchanges the candidate on getting an in-depth narrative of what it’s like to be part of the company’s backbone. 

Here’s what candidates are looking to learn about your company. 

AMA: How to Attract Top Talent with Your Employer Branding

AMA: As a small business in the competitive IT/big data space, our biggest challenge is recruiting top talent who have never heard of us.

Our culture is progressive and offers the ability to do work that matters, and candidates have the opportunity to grow their skill sets. We can compete with the big guys, but only if we can get someone to take our call. How can I better engage candidates?