Missed Our Webinar on Building Your Employer Brand? Here's the Quick Version

November 7, 2014 at 6:00 AM by Kathleen de Lara

employer brandingWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Recruiters, if you’re selling the product, you’re doing it wrong.

Building your company brand is about selling the role to candidates and functioning as the “eyes” into the company. Recruiters and hiring managers may spend all day qualifying candidates, but on the other side of the fence, candidates are qualifying your company, too. Creating a strong employer brand gives answers the “why” candidates ask before deciding whether or not your role is fit for what they’re looking for.

If you missed our joint webinar with Officevibe’s Jacob Shriar, we’ve bustled through our notes to bring you some top discussion points from the live event. 

Not yet sold on why your employer brand is essential to your recruitment marketing?

Here are some stats we pulled on why it’s important to build a strong employer brand:

  • Job seekers are twice more likely to choose a job based on the employer brand than the consumer brand.
  • Top 3 channels for communicating employer brand: 
    • Social networks (External)
    • Company careers pages (External)
    • Training development programs (Internal)
  • Candidates under 40 are 61% more likely to consider a job based on the employer brand.
  • Companies with a strong employer brand have a 28% lower turnover rate.

Consider these questions when building out your employer brand:

  • Who is the company?

Think of factors like the diversity of your company. What are your company’s values and mission? What other companies have your employees worked at? What’s their background, or alternatively, what larger companies or other career paths have former employees graduated to thanks to your company? Think of the identity of your organization and be sure to meet with the team to get their sense of the employee experience, and to align that with your external branding.

  • What’s it like to work with other team members? What types of projects are you working on?

You come into work every day, and what do get up to? Are you meeting with your team for the weekly 1:1s? Is there a monthly newsletter, webinar, eBook, or report the team puts together for customers?

  • What kinds of company off-sites does the team host?

Outside of the office, what does the team work on together to build company culture? Do you go to happy hours, or host after hours events in the office? Does the team take annual trips to other parts of the state? The country? Does the team participate in local marathons or volunteer on the weekends? Tie this back to building your company culture through your values and mission.

  • What gets you excited about coming to work in the morning?

Make a personal connection with candidate by sharing what you like about your job. Candidates get a genuine feel for an employee’s relationship with their job and company by hearing from the source. No need to blow up smoke – keep it real. Candidates know when you’re not telling the whole truth about what you like about your job, and when you’re on the same page with what you’re saying.

Identify disconnects between the employee experience and the employer brand.

Start on the internal brand and work on establishing a positive employee experience before building a strong external, employer brand. If your external brand doesn’t match the internal brand (the employee experience), it becomes very clear to new hires early into the game. Think of it like buyer’s remorse – candidates don’t get the job experience that they're sold on, and eventually quit. Unhappy employees don’t come cheap. That’s time and resources the company could have spent nurturing a candidate who, from first touch, got an accurate representation on the company’s values, mission, culture, and the employee experience.

This is just a sneak peek of what we covered in our one hour, live event with Officevibe. You can watch the on-demand recording and download your copy of the slide deck here! Share the goods with your friends in recruiting, too. We can guarantee they’ll give you a high five in return, and if they don’t, tweet as @Entelo and we’ll send you some stickers. But really, let us know what you think about the webinar by sharing your thoughts in the comments section or sending us a holler on Twitter.

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