How to Easily Create a Killer Recruiting Event

The Tinderification of recruiting has made it easy to rely exclusively on online sources for your talent. But now that everyone is looking for candidates in the same places, standing out from the crowd in the digital world is no easy feat. Sure, compelling, personalized outreach and finely calibrated candidate profiles help a lot, but at a certain point many candidates just aren’t interested in unsolicited outreach.

Missed Our Webinar on Building Your Employer Brand? Here's the Quick Version

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Recruiters, if you’re selling the product, you’re doing it wrong.

Building your company brand is about selling the role to candidates and functioning as the “eyes” into the company. Recruiters and hiring managers may spend all day qualifying candidates, but on the other side of the fence, candidates are qualifying your company, too. Creating a strong employer brand gives answers the “why” candidates ask before deciding whether or not your role is fit for what they’re looking for.

If you missed our joint webinar with Officevibe’s Jacob Shriar, we’ve bustled through our notes to bring you some top discussion points from the live event.