Humu CEO Laszlo Bock on the Big Problems in Recruiting

Laszlo Bock is someone who has done as much as anyone to advance the field of talent management. In his ten years as Google's SVP of People Operations, Laszlo helped the company scale rapidly and intentionally by developing a growth model of "attracting, developing, retaining, and delighting" employees.

What It Takes to Recruit the Best Talent in the DC Metro Area

Recruiting in Washington, DC is a world unto itself. In most cities, recruiters and talent professionals don’t have to worry about the intricacies of government bureaucracies, security clearances or how federal elections will impact the industries they work in or the available talent. But most cities are not home to one of the largest employers in the nation - the Federal Government of the United States.

Why successful candidate outreach is all about timing

On this episode of Hiring on all Cylinders, co-hosts Sean Simerly and Amina Moinuddin chat with Entelo Director of Sales Development, Justin Gandelman. The team covers the similarities between sales and recruiting, including why the capacity for effort could be the most important quality of all in successful hires, what Justin has learned from almost 500 interviews, and why no matter how hard you work, a lot of success in sales and recruiting can come down to timing (and follow up).

Recruiters as Business Partners with Hot Topic, Rubicon, Factual and The Wonderful Company

On a beautiful June evening in LA, over 30 recruiting and talent acquisition leaders came together for a night of networking and candid conversations about the challenges hiring the local talent market.

I moderated a discussion led by Brian Breth, Director of Talent Acquisition at the Rubicon Project, Nancy Martinez, a recruiter at Factual, and Shelley Radford, Talent Acquisition Manager at The Wonderful Company, who each contributed their smarts, experience and sense of humor to a conversation about the many obstacles and pushback facing today’s recruiters.

How to Effectively Hire Sales Leaders

Few roles have as direct of an impact on an organization’s bottom line as sales roles. That impact is even greater for a role in sales management. A great sales manager lifts up an entire team and makes everyone better. They coach reps through tough deals and help their teams hit their targets. They forecast accurately and keep senior management in the loop when it comes to competition and challenges that may arise. In other words, they make everyone around them better.

For those reasons and more, experienced sales leaders with track records of success are hard to find and even harder to hire. As with all roles, the more experience you’re looking for, the smaller the pool of your potential candidates becomes. It's not easy, but it's doable with a measured, thoughtful, and deliberate approach.

Here’s how we did it at Entelo.

Greylock Talent Partner: "Recruiting Is A Promise"

"When the President of the United States personally asks you to a job, you do it."

Quantifying the Candidate Experience

Any talent pro who’s been in the space for some time has heard the perpetual push for creating a better candidate experience. 

To start, a recruiter’s warm, engaging outreach to a candidate, an efficient interviewing process, an informative onboarding process have all been cited as quick fixes hiring teams can make to improve the candidate experience. Each interaction with someone at the company builds a first impression – how the team communicates with each other, how the team prioritizes hiring and developing relationships with people. 

Measuring candidate experience, however, can be a bit of a grey area for recruiters. How can teams evaluate experience in the hiring process? Here are four questions to consider. 

4 Onboarding Tips to Set Up Employees for Success

The first day on the job can be rough, and your company’s onboarding process can make or break the chances of a new employee sticking around a few months from now.

Hiring the most qualified candidates for your open reqs doesn’t come easy, so why let them slip through the cracks after you’ve already got them through the front door? Try applying these four tips to your onboarding process to build engagement and retention from Day 1.

Revisiting Neglected Areas of the Hiring Process

When you're facing 10 open positions for hard-to-find roles, trying to please a finnicky hiring manager, and haranguing a slow moving HR department to get an offer letter together, the different stages of the hiring funnel all seem to blur together into one indistiguishable, insurmountable blob. While any time spent away from the actual act of recruiting can be costly, if you can take some time to revisit and streamline the hiring process, your future self will thank you. Let's take a step back and stop missing the forest for the trees by assessing some under-visited areas of the hiring funnel.