Innovative Sourcing, Lesson One: Pay Attention to the Social Data

Knowing which candidates are a good fit for your open roles is an important step in building a hiring strategy that works. To turbo-charge your sourcing efforts, you’ll also want to know how to decipher social signals that tell when someone is more likely to be receptive to a job opportunity. These are the predictive signals we track at Entelo to find the most engaged prospects possible.

9 Companies Getting Branding Right and What Talent Teams Can Learn From Them

One thing matters more than anything else when it comes to recruiting talent: A company’s reputation. In fact more than 62% of people say that’s the most important criteria when they consider whether or not to take a job.

Your brand identity is priceless. A good one helps you attract and hire the best talent. A great one will keep your pipeline packed with candidates for months to come.

Here's what you can learn from nine organizations with stellar branding – vividly illustrating their employees’ story, instilling interest in potential candidates, spotlighting company culture and the importance of their values.

Missed Our Webinar on Recruiting through LinkedIn? Here are 3 Key Takeaways

Ask any recruiter if they’re searching for talent on LinkedIn and a resounding, “Well of course, aren’t you?” can be enough to excite any newbie talent acquisition pro on filling their open reqs.

For many sourcers and recruiters, LinkedIn may be the obvious choice for attracting and engaging talent, but it can also be a network overflowing with like-minded competitors eyeing out the same candidates as you. 

Quick Ways to Boost Your Social Recruiting ROI

Hiring managers pestering you about wasting time on social media? It’s all part of the job as a modern recruiter, right? 

While the Internet of things may lend access to billions of candidate profiles, losing track of time spent online can mean a candidate lost to a competitor. 

Here’s Why You Should Be Recruiting Talent on Google+

The World Wide Web can be a scary place for recruiters not yet accustomed to the idea of virtually sourcing talent. Mention Google+? Hangouts? +1s? Game over. 

Google’s social network may hold somewhat of an enigmatic aura, if not pose as an improbable fountainhead for candidates, but tune into our latest webinar and we’ll convince you otherwise.

Missed Our Webinar on Recruiting through Twitter? Here's the Quick Version

What’s the best way to connect with candidates when all you’ve got is a blue bird, 140 characters, some hashtags, a posse of followers, and a link to throw into the mix?

If you missed yesterday’s webinar on recruiting candidates using Twitter, we’ve compiled a list of key takeaways from the event. Check 'em out here!

Recruiting Top Talent on Twitter? Don't Forget These 3 Key Components

How many tweets would a Twitter bird tweet if a Twitter bird could tweet tweets? You have 140 characters to leave an impression on a potential hire.

Should you tag a fellow user, add a picture or video, include a, or use a hashtag? As with recruiting on other social networks, the promise of finding top talent is unrelenting if recruiters know how to play their virtual cards right. 

Access the Free Webinar! How to Recruit Candidates Using Facebook

Facebook recruiting is more than cleaning up your profile, hitting ‘Add Friend’ a million times, then crossing your fingers that candidates respond to the message that landed in their Other inbox. (“What’s that?” Read on.)

Q&A: Social Recruiting Pro on Why the Talent Hunt is Going (and Staying) Digital

If recruiters aren’t taking a dip in online talent pools, they’re merely treading water in an oversaturated marsh of underqualified candidates.  

Takeaways from Jon Bischke on the Bill Kutik Radio Show

Entelo CEO Jon Bischke spoke with HR pro Bill Kutik to discuss how predictive analytics is disrupting the future of social recruiting, and why smaller companies are leading the pack. 

If you weren’t able to tune in for the live event on the Bill Kutik Radio Show, click now for the on-demand audio! Listen while you work. If you can't multi-task for 20 minutes to hear a great conversation, we pulled out a handful of Jon’s key takeaways for you to read.