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Jill Witty

Jill oversees Talent and Operations at Entelo. Prior to Entelo, Jill had founded three B2C companies. Previously, Jill served as the President’s Associate and Director of Marketing for Harrah’s Entertainment in San Diego and Uruguay. Jill holds a B.A. from Yale and an M.B.A from UCLA.

Recent Posts

How Entelo Revamped the Onboarding Experience

Four years ago, I walked into the one-bedroom loft that doubled as Entelo’s office. I didn’t have a desk, so my boss encouraged me to set up my laptop wherever I could find room. One employee walked over and shook my hand; the rest didn’t look up from their screens. I opened my laptop and tried to figure out how to setup my company email address. I felt like a stranger in a strange land. As a seven-person company, Entelo had a lot to learn about onboarding.

Entelo Honored Among Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work"

We're pleased to announce Entelo has won a Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award, making us a "Best Place to Work in 2017."

The Glassdoor Employees' Choice Awards are entirely based on feedback that employees voluntarily and anonymously shared on Glassdoor. 

A huge thank you goes out to all our employees who took the time to share their perspectives on what it’s like to work here. We appreciate all the valuable feedback as it only helps us to get better. Winning this award is a testament to what we've built so far, what we're working toward and the team we have in place to create that future.

The Four Imperatives of a Woman’s Journey to Success

Embrace an unconventional path and seize opportunities presented to you. Believe in yourself and partner with others who do so, too. Always stand your ground and share your opinion with authority. Whatever your job, be proud and world-class in every action.

These are just some of the lessons we learned during Entelo’s first event featuring women in leadership. Linqia’s Maria Sipka, Floodgate’s Ann Miura-Ko, and Decker Communications’ Hilary Davis told their stories of change, learning, and success during Tuesday’s Reflect, Grow, Empower panel. While sharing their own unique narratives, the panelists found common ground on how they achieve their goals, build their network, and continue developing their careers.

Why Transparency Builds a Positive Candidate Experience

Quick exercise: Name one thing you could do today, with almost no cost and no time required to implement, that will have an immediate, positive impact on your recruiting organization.

Stumped? Here’s the feedback we hear all the time from candidates interviewing for roles at Entelo.

Bay Area Diversity Advocates Gather at Entelo to Discuss Their Company D&I Initiatives

How can you push diversity efforts through your company without the authority to make the necessary changes? What does it take to turn a passive supporter of diversity efforts into an active participant and champion? Can you get someone to unlearn a biased behavior?

These are some of the tough questions faced by employees who advocate for increased workplace diversity and inclusion. Over 40 members of the Diversity Advocates group, founded by Freada Kapor Klein, gathered at Entelo last Tuesday to share their best practices, frustrations and triumphs taking action with D&I initiatives at their organizations. Ms. Klein is the founder and Board Chair of the Level Playing Field Institute and Partner at the Kapor Center for Social Justice.

Entelo is Thrilled to Announce Our Partnership with The Stride Center

At Entelo, we have always been committed to supporting our community. In keeping with our core value of “helping people find work they love,” we are excited to play a part in helping local, low-income adults gain in-demand professional skills, enabling them to launch new careers to support themselves and their families.