How Entelo Revamped the Onboarding Experience

Four years ago, I walked into the one-bedroom loft that doubled as Entelo’s office. I didn’t have a desk, so my boss encouraged me to set up my laptop wherever I could find room. One employee walked over and shook my hand; the rest didn’t look up from their screens. I opened my laptop and tried to figure out how to setup my company email address. I felt like a stranger in a strange land. As a seven-person company, Entelo had a lot to learn about onboarding.

Guidelines for a New Hire Buddy System

Starting a new job is rarely a seamless transition. Beyond learning to work with a new surpervisor and receiving new responsibilities, one must familiarize themselves with an entire workplace organism. This issue presents itself from the questions of the best way to commute, all the way down to the mundanities of shared folder passwords or where the Ziploc bags live. To help ameliorate this issue here at Entelo HQ, we recently instituted a new hire buddy program. The idea is simple: pair up new hires with a "buddy" who can show them the ropes and support their transition. The benefits of this are well-tilled blogging soil, so rather than tell you why you ought to start one and bash you over the head once more with the importance of onboarding, I'll assume there's no one on the other side of this argument and go through some guidelines and expectations necessary to ensure the system is successful.

Starry-Eyed about a Candidate? 5 Questions to Ask before Extending the Offer

The hunt for the right person for your open opportunity can sometimes be a long, drawn out trek. It’s uncommon to feel jaded after a few solid months of sourcing and interviewing.

Coming across someone who’s a good fit for the role and company equates to striking gold, and you’re up all night Sunday, drafting an email for a job offer to send first thing Monday morning. You’ve finally found the perfect candidate and now your biggest concern is finding a way to get him or her in the office, pronto.

Before you settle on what could be a decision made out of excitement, huddle with the rest of the hiring team to evaluate a candidate’s fit for the role. Try these questions to start.

Finally Onboarding Candidates? Not So Fast

Behold – you’ve managed to score the best candidate in the biz and what’s more is they are inches away from the big “He/she said yes!” moment. They’re on the brink of making it all the way through your pipeline. It’s in the bag, right?

Hold on. 

Other factors come into play and mess up your hiring groove, like a candidate’s doubts, ulterior motives, or a competitor who also has a keen eye on the prize.