The Questions That Get the Most Out of Candidates

Interviewing is tough business – you have but a brief moment to gather your thoughts on not only an individual's aptitude, but also whether or not you think they possess those critical intangibles that lead to success within your organization.

It’s no surprise then that folks are always asking hiring managers about their interview techniques and questions in order to gain an upper hand. Instead of following that path, we're flipping the script and asking YOU for your favorite (and least favorite!) interview questions. By submitting your answers here, you may be included in a resource for recruiters and hiring managers for years to come. To get the ball rolling, I’ve included a few of my own below.

Since I started hiring at Entelo, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates, and brought on board north of 40 SDRs. I’ve had stellar interviews with lackluster candidates and the opposite; I’ve been blown away by candidates that in many other organizations would have been stopped at the application screen; and candidates have both told me I’m the easiest, friendliest interview while others have said I’m impossible and brutal. In any case, below are a few questions that I’ve used, and will continue to use, in all of my interviews:

How to Leave a Lasting Impression on Tech Candidates

I have a good friend who was a software developer at Apple for eight years, and during that time he helped launch the iPhone, the iPad and many other notable products. Yet you’d never know it. Nowhere online will you ever find his name and Apple in the same place. Why? To stave off the constant influx of recruiting messages packing his inbox. 

For the majority of recruiters, it takes us every trick in the book to drum up enough qualified candidates to fill a technical role. Cold emails just won’t get the job done anymore. Here’s how to build a winning technical recruiting strategy by leveraging contacts you already have and by tactically sourcing hard to find candidates through in-person recruiting.