How to Recruit Designers on Dribbble and Behance

As every organization rushes to create and update slick apps and websites for their users and customers, designers have become one of the highly sought after professions for technical recruiters.

But designers are a breed apart. Finding them and assessing their skills and experience takes more than just a quick LinkedIn search or resume scan. In reality, you want to see examples of their work and analyze their design skills. And that’s where sites like Dribbble and Behance come in handy.

How to Leave a Lasting Impression on Tech Candidates

I have a good friend who was a software developer at Apple for eight years, and during that time he helped launch the iPhone, the iPad and many other notable products. Yet you’d never know it. Nowhere online will you ever find his name and Apple in the same place. Why? To stave off the constant influx of recruiting messages packing his inbox. 

For the majority of recruiters, it takes us every trick in the book to drum up enough qualified candidates to fill a technical role. Cold emails just won’t get the job done anymore. Here’s how to build a winning technical recruiting strategy by leveraging contacts you already have and by tactically sourcing hard to find candidates through in-person recruiting.

5 Habits Every Recruiter Needs for Killer Results

“All our life is a mass of habits,” wrote philosopher William James. Habits, both good and bad, play a powerful role in our lives. Consider your habits at the office? Coffee, Facebook, check email, read the news, grab a snack. Which actively contribute to your success or inhibit it? Now, wipe the slate clean, because we’ve got five daily habits to drive your productivity and keep you recruiting like a rockstar.

Recruiting Mishaps to Avoid in the New Year


New year, new you! Isn't that right recruiters?


I'm sure you've seen the myriad "X Recruiting New Year's Resolutions" floating through the ether, so rather than continuing to inundate you with such wise precepts as "make hiring a team sport!", let's instead cover some of the tragic mis-steps recruiters often make, and how you can go about eliminating them from your own workflow as well as your organizational hiring process.

Want Your Recruiting Cheat Sheet? Check Out These 13 Quick-Fire Tips

Throughout January and February, your favorite and most humble recruiting material provider included in our blog subscription emails daily quick-fire recruiting
tips. Born from the accumulated wisdom of many of our recruiting friends, as well as the experiences we've had sourcing, engaging, interviewing, and hiring, these ideas were delivered daily to you in an easily digestible, actionable format. ICYMI, we've assembled our favorites into a single PDF for your viewing and hiring pleasure. Want a few examples of what you're getting yourself into? Read on, you brilliant talent acquisition pro, you.