Transparency is the New Black, with TalentCulture CEO Meghan M. Biro

Employer branding, social strategy, and recruiting guru Meghan M. Biro hops onto Hiring On All Cylinders ahead of her Entelo Talent Powerhouse webinar next week. Meghan and the team chat about why transparency, honesty and trust are fundamental components for a high-performing recruiting organization, and why you can’t successfully build a genuine employer brand without them. 

4 Ways to Make Your Company More Inclusive for Women

Several decades ago, symphony orchestras across the country began to implement blind auditions, and what happened next was nothing short of extraordinary. After years of very few (if any) female musicians, orchestras began to hire women in droves. Why? Because they had successfully removed a chief source of bias from their hiring practices. This, in turn, led to a virtuous cycle where more women auditioned for symphony orchestras, which further increased the percentage of women musicians.

The Five Essential Steps to Creating An Employee Referral Program

Referral programs are the single best way to net quality hires in less time. Referrals are more likely to be hired than non-referral candidates, complete onboarding more quickly, have higher retention rates, and generate more profit than non-referral hires. You may already have a referral program, but a few tweaks here and there could make all the difference. Here are five essential steps to creating (or refreshing) a referral program.

Hiring For Authenticity with Entelo’s VP of Operations Jill Witty

“We are who we say we are,” says Entelo VP of Ops Jill Witty. This week she joined the Hiring on All Cylinders cast for a discussion of how Entelo practices what it preaches when it comes to company culture, and how the company looks for those qualities in new hires.

How We're Defining Our Dream Team

About a year ago, our company hit a turning point. No longer a scrappy group of early employees, working out of a loft apartment, striving toward our foothold in the market.

Instead, we had become a legitimate business. Our team, which had burgeoned to 20 employees, now worked out of a real office with an actual conference room. Our brand, product and customer base were growing each day.

Yet while we successfully found the proverbial product/market fit with customers, we had begun to lose that same sense of cohesion across the team. How could we foster better team unity as we continued to grow?

Awesome Company Culture Videos Part II

A great company video can go a long way. It can function as a recruitment tool, a display of your mission and values, and perhaps even as sales enablement to show your prospects the kind of people they're working with. A while back, we listed off a few of our favorite videos, and since then we've found a handful of others that were a delight to watch. Read on to see a few more great examples of company videos, as well as some procedural looks at them from a high level.

Defining Company Culture is a Recruiter's Job

Webster's Dictionary defines culture as...

Just kidding. When it comes to nailing down one of the most intangible and slippery aspects of your company, it's important to avoid all the cliche motivational posters and trust fall team building activities. That said, culture is more than perks and happy hours, and if you're going to build and continually promulgate a common sense of mission, you're going to need to sit down with some team members and learn about your own company. As recruiters, you are in a unique position not just to help your team discuss their virtues and extol the important ones, but to yourself shape and guide the cultural progression of the company through the hires you make and organizational values you prime them with. Below are a few ways to go about defining company culture and an exploration into why it's such an important part of your role.

All the Company Culture Videos, Slideshows, & Resources You Could Possibly Want

No matter what size your company is, defining and promulgating your culture is going to be key to growth and retention. A vibrant, exciting company culture attracts top talent, and a welcoming, open one keeps them around. More than happy hours and motivational posters, though, company culture includes values, mission, and instilling a sense of efficacy in employees. This has crucial utility in illustrating the true value, impact, and meaning of your talent's work. Often, brands will release short videos seeking to demonstrate what life is like at their organization. Clearly there's more to building a brand than a funny video with uplifting ukulele in the background, so let's take a deeper dive into what culture means and how you can go about defining and promoting it with the following resources.