Hiring For Authenticity with Entelo’s VP of Operations Jill Witty

March 25, 2016 at 9:00 AM by William Clarke

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“We are who we say we are,” says Entelo VP of Ops Jill Witty. This week she joined the Hiring on All Cylinders cast for a discussion of how Entelo practices what it preaches when it comes to company culture, and how the company looks for those qualities in new hires.

Last year, Jill spearheaded the effort to identify and define Entelo’s core values, which were alive in the employees but hadn’t been formally codified. And the work didn’t stop there. In this episode, Jill explains how to articulate your core values, and why it’s important to identify people who will maintain and practice those values. This means hiring genuine people, looking for grit, finding people who will strengthen and contribute to your company’s values, and avoiding “chameleon candidates”, which we’ll explain in an upcoming post.

Vivek also explains one clear indicator of a candidate who’s done their homework is someone who specifically mentions a characteristic about the company’s missions and values. It means that they are thinking critically about your organization and whether or not its values align with theirs.

Company culture is most beneficial when it works for everyone, regardless of what stage of career they’re in. Building a culture that is inclusive and approachable for employees encourages an environment of collaboration and trust across teams. It’s important to be mindful and bring people who will contribute to your culture, not just complement it, with their diverse attributes, experiences, and skill sets. In other words, someone who is a “culture add” and not just a “culture fit.”

You can stream the full episode below, or head on over to iTunes to download and listen on the go.

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