The Future of Work with Leapgen's Jason Averbook

November 8, 2017 at 12:00 PM by William Clarke

FutureofWork.pngJason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen and longtime industry thought leader joins Hiring on All Cylinders co-hosts Britt Ryan and Sean Simerly to share his views on what the future has in store for HR and recruiting technology. As a consultant and advisor to enterprises across the globe with experience at some of the largest vendors in the space,  Averbook is a leading voice on the technological trends and developments shaping the industry.  

The team dug into why many human resources organizations have been so slow to adopt new solutions, what factors are key to great candidate experiences, and why hiring and retaining great people remains one of the single best ways to move the needle.

Tune in to hear more insights and commentary on:

  • How the rise of consumer technology is impacting the candidate experience
  • Why creating a consistently excellent employer experience is worth its weight in gold
  • How reinvesting in employees remains the best way to spend budget at most companies

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