4 Can't-Miss Moments from Hiring On All Cylinders

December 21, 2016 at 4:00 AM by Rob Stevenson


This one goes out to all our dear recruiters.

We’ve got over 100 episodes of your favorite recruiting podcast, Hiring On All Cylinders, in the can. What better way to celebrate such an auspicious landmark than with an obligatory “Best Of” post? In the past two years, we’ve hosted a veritable dramatis personae of recruiting personnel: CHROs, VPs of Talent, and Talent Partners, just to name a few. If you’re not sure where to dive in amongst the deluge of recruitment content, we’ve compiled a list of the most fun, interesting, or otherwise unmissable episodes.

Podcast episodes are like my children: I love them all. But if I had to play favorites, I might start with our episode with Marvin Stickel, the Director of Recruiting at Pandora. Though he’s currently focused on hunting down Data Scientists, the bulk of our conversation focused on his time at Google. Marvin formed the org's first diversity-focused sourcing task force and began working to make Google a more inclusive and representative workforce. His specific tactics and overall story of building the team are truly compelling, and if diversity hiring is an important initiative at your organization (hint: it should be), you can’t afford to miss this one. 


Next up headlining the HOAC lineup is Greylock Talent Partner, Dan Portillo. When he joined us, Dan had just wrapped up a stint with the United States Digital Services. The USDS is a program spawned to take a modern approach to fixing age-old issues surrounding how citizens engage with their local governments. The highlight of this installment? The story of Dan being personally recruited by President Barack Obama to join the USDS. This episode is one of the few that you don’t have to be a recruiter to appreciate, which is why it lists among my favorites. Law Professor, Junior Senator, President, Recruiter. Who knew?

Greenhouse’s VP of Talent Ops, Maia Josebachvili, has introduced into the recruitosphere an exciting metric: Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV). Long a mainstay of sales and marketing calculations, LTV applied to the people ops department means an interviewing, onboarding, and retention strategy that optimizes for the development of your top performers. In this episode, Maia runs through the insight you can draw out of ELTV and how recruiters can make the most impact in terms of talent productivity.


Speaking of Greenhouse, our friends there allowed us to podcast from one of their amazing events, Greenhouse Open. I took this opportunity to chat with Laura MacConnell and Lauren Vellanoweth (who at the time, were part of ZEFR’s talent team) about uprooting ATSs, hiring Heads of Talent, and much more. Here’s the kicker: Lauren dropped so much knowledge, an impressed listener contacted her to offer her a huge promotion and raise. HOAC: Making Dreams Come True.


Last but not least is a classic episode about getting back to your sourcing roots. Then Head of Talent at Booking.com, Jen Boulanger, stopped by to discuss hiring 80 internal recruiters and teaching them to source from over 100 countries in just eight months. This process also included the rip and replace of a deeply entrenched multi-million dollar RPO strategy, which took some serious guts on Jen’s part but as we learned led to some considerable successes.

Of course, there are over 99 other episodes jam packed with material on how to find, hire, and develop talent. The above is simply a starter kit to help get your feet wet a bit before you dive in. 

If you liked the sound of these, there's a heckuva lot more where they came from. Check out our entire back catalog on iTunesGoogle Play, or SoundCloud and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss new episodes.


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