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I've worn many hats at Entelo, but my favorite is probably the one I put on when I create content. Ebooks and blog posts and case studies, oh my!

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Opower Adds Considerable Female, Minority Talent with Entelo Diversity

When it comes to their company’s diversity, Opower (NYSE: OPWR) is not an organization to shy away from the facts.

Greylock Talent Partner: "Recruiting Is A Promise"

"When the President of the United States personally asks you to a job, you do it."

Great News! Your Best Performers Will Leave

When you make hires, you do so under the belief that they’ll stick around for awhile. They’ll contribute to the culture, bring exciting new blood to the team, close deals, ship products, or write blog posts (ahem). While you want top performers to stick around for as long as possible, at a certain point you’ll need to level with the fact that most employees are not going to reach retirement still working for your company. Even when your organization has invested in talent, providing opportunities for growth and promotion, people will invariably move on. And that’s a good sign.

How to Identify and Manage “Interview Chameleons”

There's no way around it. Interviews are a bizarre and unnatural means of communication. An interviewer and interviewee – two people who have likely never met before – attempt to impress each other by selling their skills, their culture, and their successes.

The interview alone won’t give you the full picture of a candidate. The fact that it's an inorganic conversation means you are naturally going to get a curated version of someone. What happens when someone takes this too far?

How Lever CEO Sarah Nahm Builds Role Profiles

"The world doesn't need another ATS." offered Sarah Nahm, a bold quip from the CEO and Co-Founder of Lever, which ultimately is, an ATS. Fresh off their recent Series B funding, Sarah swung by Entelo HQ and discussed the inspiration for Lever's hiring philosophy. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Team Building with Leslie Miley

Engineering manager Leslie Miley recently made headlines when he departed Twitter due to concerns about diversity hiring initiatives, citing the recruiting, cultural, and implicit bias concerns that stand in the way of building an inclusive team.

Fast-Approaching Recruiting and HR Conferences You Don't Want to Miss

It's almost conference season, and that means it's time to pack your bags and ship out to network, learn some tricks from industry leaders, and grab some sweet booth swag. There's already an exciting array slated for this spring, so if you're going to make a trip, you've got to act fast. To help you move quick, here's a list of some  upcoming events you can attend to hone your Recruiting and HR craft.


The Ultimate Guide to 2016 Recruiting and HR Conferences

Ah, trade shows. The breakout sessions. The networking. The GoPro giveaways. With so many to choose from, how do you find the perfect event that's right up your alley and right within your budget? You guessed it. Your dear friends at Entelo are here to help.

Elusive Enterprise Sales Reps and Where to Find Them

There's nothing hard or novel about saying how difficult it is to recruit software engineers. Everyone is looking for them, they are hard to get a hold of, and the supply falters far short of the demand. Being the adaptable and well-rounded recruiter you are, though, there are a slew of roles across each department you're looking to fill, and finding a couple programmers isn't going to solve all your problems. 

Recruiting Mishaps to Avoid in the New Year


New year, new you! Isn't that right recruiters?


I'm sure you've seen the myriad "X Recruiting New Year's Resolutions" floating through the ether, so rather than continuing to inundate you with such wise precepts as "make hiring a team sport!", let's instead cover some of the tragic mis-steps recruiters often make, and how you can go about eliminating them from your own workflow as well as your organizational hiring process.

Recruiting Metrics that Measure Greater Company Health


Indulge me in my assumption that you've spent a not inconsiderable amount of time trawling the blogosphere for advice on recruiting metrics. Which ones are the most important, how to calculate them, and how to present them in such a way that illustrates your team's performance to the higher-ups. Let's face it, you're not getting any budget for team hires or sexy powerful recruiting tools unless you can bring some data to the table telling the story of your conquests. And while recruiting metrics are a great way to execute some internal PR and demonstrate your worth, I will implore you to think bigger about the utility of recruiting metrics. The information you're crunching as part of your hiring process can be a telling barometer of health at your company, and if you endeavor to make higher reaching impacts on your organization, you need to firmly place a finger on their pulse.

IPO Recruiting and Metric Benchmarking with Redpoint Ventures' Amy Knapp

When a company finds itself immersed in the throes of preparing for an initial public offering, they will suddenly face a slew of unique challenges experienced only by companies at this particular stage. Typically at this time, companies are forced to bring in several specific senior level hires to help them navigate the treacherous waters of going public. Who does this immense task fall to? Why, the humble recruiting team of course!

Guidelines for a New Hire Buddy System

Starting a new job is rarely a seamless transition. Beyond learning to work with a new surpervisor and receiving new responsibilities, one must familiarize themselves with an entire workplace organism. This issue presents itself from the questions of the best way to commute, all the way down to the mundanities of shared folder passwords or where the Ziploc bags live. To help ameliorate this issue here at Entelo HQ, we recently instituted a new hire buddy program. The idea is simple: pair up new hires with a "buddy" who can show them the ropes and support their transition. The benefits of this are well-tilled blogging soil, so rather than tell you why you ought to start one and bash you over the head once more with the importance of onboarding, I'll assume there's no one on the other side of this argument and go through some guidelines and expectations necessary to ensure the system is successful.

It's High Time to Hire a Recruiting Coordinator. Here's What to Look For.

We've had the privilege to speak with all manner of recruiting pros, themselves at various stages of the career ladder -- Heads of Talent, Sourcers, Senior Tech Recruiters, you name it. And while they each have unique challenges and responsibilities, there is routinely one center overlapping area on the venn diagram that is their daily grind. No matter what roles they are hiring for, the size of their company, or how senior they are, every talent acquisition pro will sing the praises of their Recruiting Coordinators. 

The Problem with "Trapdooring" Candidates During On Site Interviews

One great fear among the multiplicitious and ever present recruiting nightmares is the "trapdoored" candidate. Your hiring manager brings a candidate on site only for the team to want to eject them before they've met the full interviewing panel. A couple early "Definite No" scorecards can tempt both recruiters and hiring managers to pull the rip cord and send someone home early, but as I'm sure you'll come to agree, trapdooring candidates represents a failure on the company's part, in addition to presenting the interviewee with a reprehensible candidate experience. Here's why your organization should stop trapdooring, and how you can go about eliminating it.