Diversity and Inclusion in Team Building with Leslie Miley

March 4, 2016 at 9:00 AM by Rob Stevenson


Engineering manager Leslie Miley recently made headlines when he departed Twitter due to concerns about diversity hiring initiatives, citing the recruiting, cultural, and implicit bias concerns that stand in the way of building an inclusive team.

Diversity hiring is something we take to heart here, both in the way we help our users find talent and in the way we build our own team. Leslie agreed to join the podcast and discuss his thoughts on diversity and inclusion in team building. We discussed:

  • Barriers to diversity, including location, culture, employee referrals, and other existing recruiting strategies.
  • Whether or not companies can become inclusive if they already have a homogenous culture.
  • The role of management in nurturing diverse talent.

You can stream the full episode below, or head on over to iTunes to download and listen on the go.