How Lever CEO Sarah Nahm Builds Role Profiles

March 16, 2016 at 11:17 AM by Rob Stevenson


"The world doesn't need another ATS." offered Sarah Nahm, a bold quip from the CEO and Co-Founder of Lever, which ultimately is, an ATS. Fresh off their recent Series B funding, Sarah swung by Entelo HQ and discussed the inspiration for Lever's hiring philosophy. 

“The sources of great talent are diverse, and the old systems weren’t acknowledging all the ways you can start talent relationships,” explains Sarah. “We built Lever as a candidate tracking system that lets you track all of the relationships you’re building.” Instead of focusing on just applicants, they prioritize other sources such as passive candidates, referrals, and University hires as prime recruiting channels.

On a more granular level, Lever’s team learned to focus on the stories of great recruiters. These recruiters all have a story about a hire they’ll never forget, and their success has come from their passion, commitment, and grit. Magnifying those personal wins and the strategic effort involved is what became Lever.

In addition to how they managed to design a product that would keep these sources of hire top of mind, we discussed:

  • Building a role profile that doesn't ask what a great candidate looks like, but what a great teammate looks like 6 months down the road
  • Assessing fit based on 4 key areas of competency and personal motivation
  • Reconciling the struggle between pipeline quality and quantity

Sarah's as articulate as she is engaging, so this episode is not one to miss. You can stream it below using soundcloud, or subscribe via iTunes.


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