How to Identify and Manage “Interview Chameleons”

There's no way around it. Interviews are a bizarre and unnatural means of communication. An interviewer and interviewee – two people who have likely never met before – attempt to impress each other by selling their skills, their culture, and their successes.

The interview alone won’t give you the full picture of a candidate. The fact that it's an inorganic conversation means you are naturally going to get a curated version of someone. What happens when someone takes this too far?

Getting Your Team to Give Meaningful Interview Feedback

Once you’ve done your job finding, contacting, psyching up, and scheduling your candidate, you may find yourself in the anxiety-laden position of sitting back and letting the team make the decision. Once you’ve passed off the candidate, you want to make sure they’re in the best position to succeed, and part of that is ensuring your own team is in the best position to complete an accurate assessment. Here are some ways your friends here at Entelo go about making sure we get a comprehensive view of candidates.