IPO Recruiting and Metric Benchmarking with Redpoint Ventures' Amy Knapp

December 10, 2015 at 12:39 PM by Rob Stevenson


When a company finds itself immersed in the throes of preparing for an initial public offering, they will suddenly face a slew of unique challenges experienced only by companies at this particular stage. Typically at this time, companies are forced to bring in several specific senior level hires to help them navigate the treacherous waters of going public. Who does this immense task fall to? Why, the humble recruiting team of course!

Amy Knapp, now the Head of Talent for Redpoint Ventures--where she advises dozens of portfolio companies on team building--went through this very challenge when she was running recruiting at Chegg. Amy joined the podcast to discuss how she went about finding the unique IPO-specific hires through talent mapping, a spectacular employee referral rate, and a handful of other tactics.  

Among the other topics we stumbled across were:

  • Benchmarking what success looks like based on company size, previous performance, and other areas
  • Setting up a university recruiting program
  • Interview training
  • How recruiting metrics can serve as a thermometer for internal company health
  • What to look for in first HR hires

Stream the entire episode below, or just search "Hiring On All Cylinders" on your favorite podcast listening app!


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