Fast-Approaching Recruiting and HR Conferences You Don't Want to Miss

February 17, 2016 at 1:28 PM by Rob Stevenson


It's almost conference season, and that means it's time to pack your bags and ship out to network, learn some tricks from industry leaders, and grab some sweet booth swag. There's already an exciting array slated for this spring, so if you're going to make a trip, you've got to act fast. To help you move quick, here's a list of some  upcoming events you can attend to hone your Recruiting and HR craft.


HR Metrics & Analytics Summit

Date: February 29- March 2

Location: Orlando, FL

Price: $2495

Registration Link

This is a spectacular event for HR Managers looking to find the best uses for data and metrics, not just for your own team's review, but in articulating your team's production to your organization as a whole. Speakers from Twitter, Edleman, Staples, and UPS are slated to share their advanced analytics strategies.

SourceCon Spring

Date: March 1-2

Location: Orlando, FL

Price: $1295

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Both of SourceCon's yearly conferences are absolute can't-miss events, and this fast approaching installment is a very special one indeed. With a Coachella-like lineup of speakers such as Glen Cathey, Shally Steckerl, Stacy Zapar, and Jim Stroud on the speaker list, as well as the location in picturesque Orlando, SourceCon Spring is a Recruiter's dream come true. Cherry on top? Your dear friends here at Entelo are sponsoring, so you can come swing by and tell us how much you loved this blog post. 


HR Unconference - Future of Work

Date: March 10-11

Location: Milan, Italy

Price: €199

Registration Link

HRU's upcoming international event promises to deliver insight surrounding multi-generational workforce management (those pesky millennials!), the application of predictive analytics to HR, and much more. Speakers from Cisco and GSO round out the presenter list, and what's more, the event takes place in beautiful Milan.


Date: 3/14

Location: London, England

Price: By Donation

Registration Link

The #trumunity events seek to turn the typical conference experience on it's head. With open mic sessions to encourage spontaneous discussion, and no high registration fee or powerpoints in sight, it's a truly unique event. London's edition will feature a tech lab to encourage product building/integration discussion, a Ninja Sourcing Lab to discuss tricks of the trade, and a Show & Tell where emerging tech companies share what they're seeing in the market as well as demonstrate their products.


Human Capital Summit

Date: March 29-30

Location: New Orleans, LA

Price: $1495

Register Here

HCI's New Orleans event will focus on increasing organizational proficiency, building highly productive cross-functional teams, and creating strong external employer branding. Featuring top HR brass from Microsoft, Atlassian, GoDaddy, and Aflac, this event is the place to be for high-level strategy on getting the most out of your talent.

There's loads more exciting Recruitment and HR Conferences this year, and we've documented 35+ of them for your convenience. Follow the banner below to access your free copy!

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