Elusive Enterprise Sales Reps and Where to Find Them

There's nothing hard or novel about saying how difficult it is to recruit software engineers. Everyone is looking for them, they are hard to get a hold of, and the supply falters far short of the demand. Being the adaptable and well-rounded recruiter you are, though, there are a slew of roles across each department you're looking to fill, and finding a couple programmers isn't going to solve all your problems. 

Entelo Data Shows Best Time for Recruiting Salespeople

On the heels of our first original data based blog post reporting when people were most likely to leave their jobs, we haven’t stopped thinking about what other hiring trends are just waiting to be discovered. Based on our previous research, we know that people generally prefer to stay with their current employer for 12-month increments. We decided to tackle that information industry by industry. First up, one of the trickiest positions to recruit: salespeople.