The Best of ERE Spring 2017 Recruiting Conference

April 21, 2017 at 2:11 PM by Rob Stevenson

ERE Spring 17 AI, Survey Data

The lights have gone down on the spring edition of ERE's recruitment conference, and as usual, attendees and vendors alike were taking to the twittersphere to share the most surprising, inspiring, and exciting parts of the show. Rather than condemn you all to scrolling through hundreds of tweets, we've done all the leg (thumb?) work for you and embedded our favorites from the show. Read on to see what everyone's tweeting about!

As is tradition with recruiting conferences of late, there was much consternation about the emergence of AI and how the role of recruiters will shift in light of it. Clearly, there are some areas bound to fall into the realm of automation, such as scheduling, background screening, and inbound resume triage. Rather than panic about losing jobs, however, TA pros can take this as an opportunity to focus on the innately human aspects of the process: outreach, candidate experience, interviewing, and negotiation. 

 The common warning about candidate experience goes a little something like this: if a candidate has a bad time, it will have negative ripples down the line in terms of your employer brand and in some cases, your actual consumer brand. Here, Virgin Media was able to put an exact dollar value on the business lost from poor candidate experience. As if recruiters needed any reminder about their impact on business goals and ultimate revenue, this is a telling statistic.

 On the note of reminders about impact on business goals and ultimate revenue, this quote above reaffirms why recruiters do what they do. Finding someone a new job that they love changes their lives. Period.

The ERE Talent Manager survey is always great for benchmarking performance against your peers, but this season's installment had an eyebrow-raising revelation. Admittedly, it's unclear from this slide alone whether the lack of focus on cost-per-hire is due to a general lack of tracking effort, or whether cost-per-hire merely isn't a metric recruiters consider important. Either way, a common theme at the show when it came to getting the talent department a seat at the table was to come armed with data, and demonstrating a mastery of metrics as well as showing iterative optimization is a great way to go to bat for your team.

All work and no play make Jack a dull recruiter. That's why the folks at ERE arranged for a live DJ and these breakdancers to close down an awesome day at the show. This was just one of the awesome surprises the ERE gang pulled out, so bear that in mind the next time you're deciding whether to head to the next show!

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