Maebellyne Ventura

Maebellyne Ventura is the Digital Marketing Manager at Experis Switzerland, an IT recruitment specialist. She is also Co-Founder of Clever Biscuit, a technology startup that created Recruit’em. She blogs and tweets about social media and recruitment.

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Dear Recruiters, Why Do All Your Employees Look the Same?

Adding diversity to your company's hiring strategy isn't as simple as layering another tool or solution to automate the sourcing process. It's a big step that takes careful planning, research, sensitivity, and smarts, and if the team isn't prudent about their outreach, it's possible your organization could lose out on more than just a handful of top performers. 

Entelo guest blogger Maebellyne Ventura weighs in the pros of hiring for diversity, because perhaps the only con is — you guessed it — that you don't already practice it.