Jon Bischke

Founder and CEO of Entelo -- An experienced entrepreneur focused on the intersection of education, employment and technology, Jon Bischke is the co-founder and CEO of Entelo. Previously, Jon was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at Battery Ventures. Prior to that, he was part of the founding teams of a number of companies including Zaadz (acquired by Gaiam, NSDQ:GAIA) and 2000Tutor (acquired by Penton Media, NYSE: PME). Jon has a Masters in Business Administration from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a Bachelor of Science in Business from The University of Minnesota.

Recent Posts

Welcoming New Leaders Across Product, Business Development and Marketing

As a company that specializes in helping other companies find the best candidates, we pride ourselves on "walking the talk" and hiring the best talent in the industry. To that end, I couldn't be more excited to announce the addition of three senior executives to the Entelo team. Gaurav Kataria, Mike Trigg and Yasmin Zarabi will help us fuel Entelo as it reshapes the talent acquisition industry by helping companies to hire better. Please join me in welcoming these three to the team!

Entelo Launches Envoy, an AI-Powered Solution to Deliver Great Candidates

Today I'm excited to announce the launch of Entelo Envoy, a new technology that promises to change how recruiting teams fill their pipelines. We built Envoy after listening to the needs of thousands of recruiters and recognizing that one key need of recruiters stood above the rest: the lack of time to source candidates. Top-performing recruiting organizations know that passive candidate sourcing is a critical component of success. Yet, traditional sourcing approaches can take a lot of time, even with cutting-edge technologies like Entelo. 

Today Envoy changes that.

Entelo Raises $20 Million Series C Funding Round

We are proud to announce today that Entelo has closed its Series C financing (press release below and link to TechCrunch article here). This new funding will help move us further toward our vision of building the best technology to empower the modern recruiter. We'll be using the capital to deepen our investment in data science, machine learning, and AI and to build even better products that help to give companies a competitive advantage when it comes to finding talent. Entelo is also opening up a New York office as part of its expansion.

We couldn't be more thrilled about the future and what lies ahead for Entelo and for our industry. We will have more exciting announcements in the coming months and look forward to talking with you about our plans soon. And we're hiring 


Announcing Entelo Stack for Mobile, the Perfect App to Find Your Perfect Candidate

Mobile is no longer just a product feature – it has become the reality for how we do business. This week, at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago, we unveiled our latest recruiting solution: Entelo Stack for Mobile. Here are the 3 biggest reasons I am excited about this launch:

Building the Future of Recruiting from Base Camp

Entelo started with a simple idea that the technology powering how people recruit should be better. The team at Entelo (we call ourselves “Entelopes”) all share a passion for talent and a belief that who companies hire is the most important element in their ongoing journey to success. Nothing is more strategic for a business than talent – especially in this age of knowledge work.

Announcing Entelo Stack, the Best Way to Handle Inbound Resumes

This is a big week for Entelo. At the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas we announced Entelo Stack, our newest product. Here are five reasons we’re excited about the launch.

The 3 (Free) Recruiting Techniques Every Startup Should Practice

I consult (pro bono!) with many, many startups and help them think about hiring. It's actually something I've been very passionate about and even though Entelo now has a double digit number of Fortune 500 customers, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for early-stage companies. As a four-time founder, I know how hard it is to hire the right people and a big part of the motivation for starting Entelo came out of that.

Now of course, I want everyone to use Entelo to hire. That said, I realize that it isn't always in the cards for every company and whenever I meet with founders, I always want to make sure I'm adding value above and beyond Entelo. There are three things that I've told dozens of founders to do in the last year but up until now I've never blogged publicly about these so I think it's time to rectify that.

Why 25:1 is an Important Number for Fast-Growing Start-Ups

One of the things I love about my job is that we get to see how hundreds of companies are approaching building their teams.

Over a number of years of doing this, you start to get good at pattern matching. What is it that the best companies are doing on the talent acquisition front that the not-so-great companies aren't. There are a lot of things of course but there has been one that has stood out to me lately.

The ratio of employees to people whose full-time job is to recruit.

Entelo Announces Record Q4 2014: 176% Sequential Bookings Growth Quarter-over-Quarter, 359% Year-over-Year

Today we are incredibly excited to launch Entelo Track, the first email tool built just for recruiters. In addition, I'm also proud to announce that we've closed out 2014 with another record setting quarter here at Entelo.

Entelo Study Shows When Employees are Likely to Leave Their Jobs

Over the last few years we’ve had the privilege of talking to thousands of recruiters about how they do their jobs. 

For the increasing number of them who are trying to source hard-to-fill roles (e.g., engineering, design, data science, highly skilled sales and marketing, etc.), a key question to answer is “When are people most likely to leave their current employer?”

After all, if you know that people were statistically much more likely to leave at a certain point, you could optimize your outreach accordingly.

Entelo Announces Record Quarter, 56% Sequential Bookings Growth in Q2

We're proud to announce another record-setting quarter here at Entelo.

To our customers, I couldn't be more excited to partner with you to bring the power of big data and predictive analytics to talent acquisition and we thank you for your belief in Entelo's product.

And of course, if you're someone who's excited by the power of big data and how it's being used to build some of the fastest-growing companies in the world...we're hiring. :)

- Jon

Announcing Entelo Diversity

It’s with great pleasure that we’re announcing the launch of Entelo Diversity.

The genesis of Diversity occurred well over a year ago when we surfaced a recurring need among our customer base: More powerful tools to ensure that they were recruiting a diverse mix of candidates. Specifically, a common request among many of our customers was a desire to improve the gender balance among their engineering teams. 

Diversity is a hot button issue. In fact, there’s a pretty large segment of the population that might think that what we are doing with Entelo Diversity is wrong or possibly even a violation of employment law. We knew when we started talking about this product that it could generate some controversy and thought for a long time about that. In the end, we felt very strongly that the potential good of a tool like Entelo Diversity far outweighed any potential negative commentary we’d receive.

Announcing Hiring For Good: Entelo and CodeEd Partner to Sponsor Female Engineers

After chatting with a number of our customers over the course of the last few years, it’s become apparent that finding and attracting female technical talent is one of the toughest challenges that companies face today. With that, we’re excited to announce a new initiative here at Entelo to do our part to encourage and enable the next generation of female engineers.

Entelo Selected as Awesome New HR Technology for 2013

We're proud to announce that Entelo has been selected as one of Human Resource Executive magazine's Awesome New Technologies for 2013. Awesome New Technology is a prestigious award that has previously been bestowed on the likes of companies like Ceridian, Peoplefluent and Workday. Entelo will be presenting on stage at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas on October 8th and joined by the other Awesome New Technology recipients: Causecast, cfactor Works, Hunite, JIBE and Jobvite.

Announcing the Entelo Button

(UPDATE on 7/11/13: Irina Shamaeva and Jim Stroud, two of the most influential thought leaders in the recruiting industry have written detailed pieces on the Entelo Button. You can find them at The Entelo Button and COOL TOOL CAGEMATCH: Falcon vs Entelo respectively.)