Entelo Launches Envoy, an AI-Powered Solution to Deliver Great Candidates

October 2, 2017 at 5:00 AM by Jon Bischke

Entelo_Team_Header2.pngToday I'm excited to announce the launch of Entelo Envoy, a new technology that promises to change how recruiting teams fill their pipelines. We built Envoy after listening to the needs of thousands of recruiters and recognizing that one key need of recruiters stood above the rest: the lack of time to source candidates. Top-performing recruiting organizations know that passive candidate sourcing is a critical component of success. Yet, traditional sourcing approaches can take a lot of time, even with cutting-edge technologies like Entelo. 

Today Envoy changes that.

So how does Envoy work? In a nutshell, Entelo Envoy quickly gathers information about a recruiter's open job. This is done automatically by parsing the job description and is augmented by an additional brief input process that the recruiter or hiring manager completes. After that, Envoy goes to work in the background, identifying the best-fit candidates and automatically beginning the outreach process, leveraging data science and outreach best practices to ensure optimal engagement rates.

The end result is quite simple: Interested Candidates In Your Inbox(TM)

Below is a short 60-second video on how Entelo Envoy works and explains just how simple it can be to get Envoy working on filling pipeline for your jobs.

We would love to share more about Entelo Envoy with you. To learn more about Envoy, visit our Envoy product page or request a demo from one of our team members.

We couldn't be more excited about Envoy and what it will mean to our customers. We look forward to sharing it with you and using this technology to help fill your pipelines with top quality candidates faster than ever before.

Jon Bischke
CEO, Entelo

PS: Last week I chatted with Bloomberg TV about how AI is changing hiring.


Entelo Envoy Saves Time and Delivers Better Qualified Candidates

New AI-Powered Solution Offers an Algorithmic Approach to Recruiting

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – October 2, 2017 – Entelo, a leading innovator in talent acquisition, today announced the launch of its newest product, Entelo Envoy. Entelo Envoy uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically find, nurture and deliver interested job candidates directly to the email inboxes of recruiters. This algorithmic approach to sourcing is the latest data-driven innovation from Entelo, the leader in helping talent acquisition teams hire better-qualified candidates, faster.

“Traditional sourcing takes a huge amount of a recruiter’s valuable time,” said Jon Bischke, founder and CEO of Entelo. “Entelo Envoy is designed to automatically expand a qualified talent pool by uncovering passive candidates and convert them into active candidates. Entelo Envoy gives recruiters more time to focus on the higher touch and higher value-add parts of their jobs.”

With Envoy, recruiters simply set candidate criteria and the technology works in the background to sort and rank millions of potential candidates using machine learning algorithms that analyze fit across a number of different dimensions. Once top talent is identified, Entelo Envoy will personalize messages and send emails to candidates at optimal times and deliver replies from interested candidates directly to a recruiter’s inbox. Because the discovery, qualification and outreach portions happen instantly and automatically, companies hire faster and significantly reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire.

“Our hiring managers are ecstatic about the increase in our pipeline for our difficult-to-source positions,” said Marissa Huang, Recruiting at Niantic Labs. “With Entelo Envoy, we’ve been able to improve our sourcing pipeline, saving countless hours each week.”

Today, employers face widespread talent shortages and research conducted by Deloitte [1] points to widening skills gaps and dated leadership models as potential culprits. “Finding job candidates continues to be a challenge for business and HR leaders,” said Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Products that apply artificial intelligence to find and contact job candidates represent the next generation of smart tools to improve the speed and accuracy of recruiting for both recruiters and job candidates.”

Entelo Envoy relieves overworked recruiters by automating the manual and repetitive aspects of sourcing, making their workflows more efficient. Just as salespeople have benefited from the move toward salesforce automation and marketers have benefited from the move toward marketing automation, Entelo Envoy provides recruiters with automated mechanisms for sourcing the best talent.This technological breakthrough enables talent teams to focus on more strategic value-added activities like providing an optimal candidate experience.

Entelo Envoy will be demonstrated in Booth No. 2928 at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas from October 10-13, 2017. Read more information about Entelo Envoy on our website and blog.

About Entelo

Entelo applies intelligence to big data to help modern recruiters find, qualify and acquire talent. Today more than 600 customers of all sizes and industries trust Entelo to provide their talent acquisition teams with higher candidate engagement, actionable insights and increased productivity. To learn how leading companies such as Capital One, Cisco, Facebook, GE, Genentech, Netflix, Northrop Grumman and Target are building their organizations using Entelo, visitwww.entelo.com.

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[1] “2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends: Talent Acquisition: Enter the Cognitive Recruiter” dated February 28, 2017

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