Announcing Entelo Stack, the Best Way to Handle Inbound Resumes

October 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM by Jon Bischke

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This is a big week for Entelo. At the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas we announced Entelo Stack, our newest product. Here are five reasons we’re excited about the launch.

  1. Entelo Stack represents the easiest and most productive way to handle inbound resumes and applications. Over the years we’ve spoken to hundreds of companies who have told us that they don’t feel they are doing a good job staying on top of all of the inbound they receive. Stack changes the game completely for that. We believe that customers can see a 10x increase in productivity and ultimately many will see a 100x increase. That’s huge.

  2. Speed matters in hiring. With Stack it will become commonplace for recruiters to say things like “Sally, I see you just applied 24 minutes ago for our role and you look like an incredible fit for the job. When are you free to set up a phone screen?” That simply doesn’t happen today in recruiting. It’s usually more like “Sally, I see you applied 24 days ago for our job. I’m SO sorry it’s taken us this long to get back. Are you still looking for something new?” Real-time notifications when great candidates apply is part of why our beta customers are so psyched about Stack.

  3. Hiring becomes more color and gender blind. Did you know that evaluators often allow racial and gender bias to sneak into their process? A University of Chicago study showed that candidates with African-American sounding names were 50% less likely to receive call-backs for interviews even when their credentials and experience were identical to other candidates (the New York Times ran a piece on this just the other day as well). Stack helps with this as it’s completely blind to race, gender and ethnicity and allows the best candidates to float to the top purely on merit.

  4. Stack helps to solve the “person applying for the wrong job” problem. Every company faces this issue. A candidate applies for Job A when they’re really a better fit for Job B. Most applicant tracking software systems are only set up to evaluate candidates against the specific job they apply for. Stack on the other hand, allows for candidates to be “in the running” for multiple jobs inside a company and provides intelligent recommendations in situations where a candidate might be a better fit for a different job inside the organization.

  5. Stack moves us closer to our mission of helping every company hire for every job. Internally, we’re excited about Stack because one of our goals at Entelo is to help every company on the planet hire for all of their jobs. Entelo Search is phenomenal for sourcing passive candidates for hard-to-fill roles. Now Entelo Stack can help with all those other roles a company must fill, the high-volume roles.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this new product to market and encourage you to sign up for a demo of Entelo Stack here. Happy Stacking!

From Marketwired:

Recruiting Industry Innovator Entelo Unveils New Solution to Stack Rank Inbound Applicants for Open Jobs 

Entelo Enables Employers to Fast-Track Qualified Candidates to Hiring Managers and Create Dynamic Talent Pools 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 19, 2015) - Entelo today announced the launch of Entelo Stack, a sophisticated analytics solution that enables organizations to rank job candidates against open requisitions, quickly and easily. Integrated with a company's applicant tracking system (ATS), Entelo Stack uses customer-defined criteria to "stack rank" resumes for best fit.

When a job requisition opens, recruiters spend endless hours reading incoming resumes. The process is tedious and flawed, especially with no means of scientifically and consistently determining which applicants fit the specific requirements. Ensuring the right applicants rise to the top of the list so they can be quickly advanced to hiring managers for interviews enables employers to save time and money and engage desirable candidates from the start.

Key features of Entelo Stack include:

  • Increased Productivity: Entelo Stack's "inbox-style" interface enables recruiting teams to take action on resumes more quickly. Recruiters can save even more time by applying automatic actions, such as promoting applicants to the top of the queue or rejecting candidates who don't meet certain requirements.

  • Dramatic Speed Improvements: Recruiters receive real-time notifications when top applicants apply, allowing them to quickly respond and move the candidate along in the hiring process. This in turn results in reduced time-to-hire and competitive advantage versus other companies who do not have Entelo Stack in use.

  • Improved Intelligence: Recruiters can customize the ranking thresholds in Entelo Stack based on factors such as specific skills, geographic location, level of experience, education and previous companies worked. Entelo Stack will intelligently sort and rank the applications based on the set criteria, plus compare qualified candidates for other job openings, thereby creating a dynamic talent pool for the company.

  • Ease of Use: Entelo Stack is a turnkey solution that works right out of the box. Talent teams can immediately deploy Stack to connect with their existing ATS and begin applying ranking criteria to both existing and incoming resumes. Employers maintain full control over the evaluation criteria and the ability to adjust them over time.

"Entelo Stack brings us closer to our mission of helping every company to fill every open job," said Jon Bischke, founder and CEO of Entelo. "Entelo Stack enables companies to dramatically increase the speed at which they hire while reducing the number of hours spent on manual, tedious processes. Entelo Stack is a game-changer for recruiters, and our clients really like its ease, efficiency and early results."

"Entelo helps us be more competitive -- in this market, you have to move quickly on good candidates," said Adrienne Ramos, lead technical recruiter at Zenefits. "The Stack product saves me from weeding through a sea of resumes and lets me take action on the best ones." 

Entelo Stack is part of Entelo's comprehensive platform for both inbound and outbound recruiting. Additional information about Stack can be accessed at:

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